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Yokoso, Land of Cloud!!! * March 1 2009

 Yokoso, Land of Cloud!!!
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What’s up? ,
I should definitely keep up with these.  I put these great expectations in my head for
what I should write for the blogs and then I push away because I won’t have “enough” time to get all this greatness out.  Definitely should go after one topic at a time.
Um, I can drink now.  Makes no difference except I can drink with police officers but I’m not sure why I would want to do that.
I’ve been successfully learning Japanese.  I can’t hold a whole conversation with a Japanese person but I am getting there. I give thanks to Shigatsu, my Dad, Kana, and all my fellow Japanese
students for helping me on this Journey. 

My success disappoints my lack of effort in earlier school when I had
Spanish & Deutsch.  Soon I’ll be able to understand K1 or Dragongate commentary. ;)
The movie I’d recommend is Samurai Fiction, a Japanese parody of ninja and samurai lifestyle with the lead singer of Boøwy starring as the master Samurai starring which is full of action and great comedy.  This movie holds twist, turns, and lifestyles all over.  The one thing I found interesting was the violence it held was plenty yet tastefully restricted.  Sword battles usually hold gruesomeness but whenever a person died it just showed red.  I would say Zatoichi was similar but different.  In Zatoichi many were killed but the graphics were obvious and unrealistic taking away any bad taste violence haters would have. ....

I would recommend a movie DMC but you must know who GWAR is before I can explain.....
How does one tell what a person thinks and how should one handle it if it’s negative? Vague question but I always have this problem when dealing with large groups.  ....
Our federal government is spending too much money.  I know it’s supposed to bail us
out but at the same time digging a bigger won’t help either.....

*Quicknote about my two favorite directors*

Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards has a date for late August so you better come with me.  We’ll dress up as WWII soldiers.  I call the dead one.  NANI/WHAT? 

Also, I have mixed feeling about what Robert Zombie is doing.  He said on many occasions I will not be stuck in a Halloween series but he’s doing a 2nd one.  Of course it will be awesome but my problem with this is he won’t have as much discretion as he did with House and DR .  Eat an individual brain every time not ones in the same family because you know they’ll at least make your requirements. 

Others can have secret juices.....

Facebook is only convenient while Myspace gives you creativity of music, video, page and comments.....
Darn midterms make everything so tough.....
Be sure to come to Japan Night please on April

Totemo Yoi!!!

Matte ne

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