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13 most nurturing Mothers * May 12, 2010

13 most nurturing Mothers

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In tribute of mother day that happened a few days ago I made a top 13 list of most nurturing mothers.  With this list I will have their children. 
13.   Lil’ Mama – One of the many “Lils” I like.  She doesn’t actually have any children since she is only 20 but that doesn’t stop others.  The reason she is on this list is because of her nurturing message she always finds a way to put in lyrics.  This music video below is about the way women should be wary of getting pregnant and what it takes to be a real mother.
.. ..
.. ..
12.   Mrs. Brisby – From the film Secret of NMH comes a courageous yet shy figure, who would do anything for her children.  The whole feature shares a story of a mother who has been sheltered until an impossible task calls her to go beyond her brick home to challenging the fiends as the owls, cats, and evil rats.  Mrs. Brisby is a great example of the facts a good mom will do anything to save her children.
.. ..
Brisby’s Children: Teresa Brisby, Cynthia Brisby (Baby girl), Martin Brisby (Chubby tough kid), Timothy "Timmy" Brisby (Sick one Mrs. Brisby had to fight for)
.. ..
.. ..
11.   Mother Goose – Everyone has read her nursery rhymes and they have all nurtured us to sleep.  She doesn’t actually have any real children so that’s why she got stuck at 11 but I’ll count her stories as her babies.  The cool thing is I even had the opportunity to direct Mother Goose when I directed the trial of Jack v. Jill.  Thanks Anastasia .  If you want to listen to a guy read them in a straw hat watch the video below.

10.   Clair Huxtable – The powerful mother figure in the Bill Cosby show.  The reason she beats out other mothers is because she showed a more realistic attitude while avoiding cowering down to the house wife position.  Clair was a lawyer but she also ran the house while avoiding being a bugar to her husband.  The character’s relationship of Clair and Bill were similar to others where Bill played the dumb guy but they had more cooperation in running the family than any other sitcom couple.....

Clair’s Children: Sondra Tibideaux (Princeton graduate), Denise Kendall (Traveled to Africa), Theo Huxtable(Teacher w/ emphasis on dyslexia), Vanessa Huxtable(attended Lincoln University), and Rudy Huxtable (nominated for an emmy)
.. ..
9.       Virgin Mary – I mean HELLO!  She gave birth to Jesus the leader of one of the largest religions in the world and she isn’t afraid of snakes either as you can see below.  I feel cold for putting her so low on the list but the not a lot of evidence is shown of her nurturing efforts.  I mean she didn’t even try to conceive Jesus, it just happened. 
.. ..
8.       Marge Simpson – Marge is as classy as a lady you can get.  No matter what she would never let Maggie out of her sight, Bart unfed or Lisa out of books.  Even though she is a house wife she is still a sturdy figure that will not be taken advantage of.  Homer is a horrible father while Marge is always instructing him in how to be a true father.  How can one not stand staring away with the way Marge’s gorgeous blue hair stands?
.. ..
Marge’s children – Bartholomew (Skateboarder), Lisa (Straight A student) and Maggie (Super sucker)

7.       Barbara Bush – With her push to rise the literacy rate universally and giving birth to two of the country’s most prominent men in the country the ex-1st lady has placed herself as #7 on the list. Also, how can you not want to meet a lady whose hair fits her last name?
Barbara’s Children – George W. Bush (43rd president of the US), Robin Bush (Died at 3 years from Luekemia), Jeb Bush (Florida’s 43rd Governor), Neil Bush (anti-Ritalin campaign), Marvin Bush(Director of an insurance company), Dorothy Koch (1st known baptized person in China)

6.       George Lopez’s mom, Benny, and his wife Angie – Anytime one thinks of George Lopez there are two things that should come to mind. 1. He’s got a big head and 2. How funny is his mom?  In George’s Standup he has an infamous line that his mom would always say.  “Why you crying?” as she would smack George.  Then there is Benny who is a horrible mom but doesn’t look bad at all because she makes George look like a grown cry baby with her punch lines.  Angie is just too hot to be a mom but she still finds a way to keep her bum for kids in line.
.. ..
.. ..
.. ..
angie lopez
.. ..
5.       Amanda’s mom – A gorgeous lady who has similar interest.  We enjoy eating foreign food together and have many talks of how we can better her school skipping daughter Amanda.  Can’t wait for her to come over again so we stair flawlessly at precious Gouramis and friends. Below is a picture of her waiting for me!  Tehe…
 My ma! at applebeas with matt and me
.. ..
4.       Pamela Sue Vorhees – Another example of a mother who would do anything for her child.  The difference between her and Mrs. Brisby is that her child is dead and she is not taking any prisoners.  The sad thing is Jason Vorhees mom could be mistaken for my grandma Brown by appearance.  The dear lady.
.. ..
3.       Vickie Guerrero – To me she is the Mother of Smackdown wrestling brand.  Many people don’t like her but it’s because she is a strict mother which this world is lacking.  If fans had it their way they would be spoiled like most kids today who need a paddling so bad.  Her famous “Excuse me” is a technique all mother can learn from and Vickie shows it to when she is either the consultant or General Manager of Smackdown.
.. ..
Vickie’s Children – Saul Marie (20 years old) and Sherylin Amber (15 years old)
.. ..
2.       Tara’s Mom – Such a nifty lady if you know what I mean.  She makes such good chili and has me over many a times.  She enjoys sports which is a tough thing to find in a lady but it’s a good thing her daughter has learned this from her.  It’s too bad this same daughter has a vendetta against our relationship we will defy this come hell or high waters.


1.       My mom – Is this a surprise?  I guess I am a little bias.  She has done everything from driven Tyrone and I all to Rochester for a Raw show to making me and my brothers extravagant costumes for Halloween including a outfit of the aliens fromID4.  Thanks mom for everything!!!
Thank you for reading.  I put a lot of time into this so I hope it was enjoyable.  Let me know who your favorite mother figure.  Also, I don't know what to make my blog background I am pretty sure any ideas you offer I will immediately listen to. 
Also if you are fans of wrestling here is my blog for that -

Last note on sport.  For the Stanley cup I see the Sharks v. Penguins in 6 games. Go Sharks!

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Free Subw@y english muffin sandwich review * Apr 30, 2010


Free Subw@y english muffin sandwich review

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I do not have any time to write this but I wanted to not stop writing monthly blogs.  I will try to keep this simple and just write a review of Subw@ys new breakfast item.

Yesterday, I was typing in my room a massive research paper of the importance of sports and competition in Japan compared to here and was jaming out to my jams.  Somehow the media player got stuck playing a repeat of the same eight songs.  To avoid causing a long distraction from my paper and hearing the KQRS interview of Bobcat Goldthwait, he voiced Mr. Floppy of Unhappily Ever After, I was inspired to listen to the day's morning podcast of Tom Brainard's morning show.

 It was a very amusing show as always but a big random surprise came from a not so big star.  Jared the Subway guy was on the show promoting something awesome.  Just to let you know I hold Jared in high opinion because he likes coming to the WWE shows and not just to promote Subway.  I remember once CM Punk sent his straight Edge brigade to get Jared before DX ruined it.   Also, on the morning show he presented himself as being more than a tool.

 The guy had no problem sharing stories about him and friends.  What Jared's big promotion that he had to share was a free egg english muffin sandwich this morning from 7-11am, the only time I am guessing they offer it even when it was not free.  Thursday night I had to make sure I wasn't hearing things and spoke to the Subw@y in Atwood, SCSU's media center, and they explained it will only be an hour since they opened at 10am.  To me, all it meant was coming early if I didn't want to be late to my 10 am class until I got ridiculous at Earnest's party and beyond.  From the night I was burning and hungry and was willing to be a few minutes to take away some of them bad feelings. 

Here is the review of the sandwhich.  Comparing it to McDonald's breakfast items they are awesome and better because of the Sub Sandwich ingredients you will never get in McDonalds.  What I got was a steak and egg english muffin with tomato, shredded lettuce, green pepper, cucumbers with colby jack cheese.  To think the pathetic king claims to say he "gives it to us our way" more like we have to give it to him.  POO!  The sandwich doesn't fill one up but I can't even be filled by the foot longs. I guess for a grade these new items will get B+. 

I know I am not a food critic but I needed something fresh to jump on.

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When the Smurfs were invaded by Ads (Movie Review) * Jan 10, 2010

When the Smurfs were invaded by Ads (Movie Reviews)

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When the Smurfs were invaded by Ads....
 (Review of Avatar and Angels & Demons)

                Avatar was not a movie I expected to see since I was looking forward to seeing the Chipmunks movie if any during December.  A majority of the time I am correct when I don’t look forward to seeing a movie because the trailers show signs of disappointment.  I’ll give a quick list of few signs from that one should watch for when watching trailers:
 1. The trailer somehow finds a way not to explain the storyline.
2. When the animated figures are never in the screenshot with the actual actors of the film.

-In the When the Earth Stood Still the commercial kept on yelling at that stupid giant to freeze but for some reason they were never in the same shot.  That’s because the stupid giant Cyclops thingy was too smooth and shiny to ever look it belonged with everyone else in that craptacular film.
3.  It’s a children movie with too many innuendos.

               -Cat in the Hat; geez.  I didn’t think you could ever destroy a childhood gem like Cat in the Hat but Austin Powers found a way when during the commercial he smacked a garden ho and called it a “dirty ho”.  This is not something you want when your goal for going to the movies is avoid the repetitive nature and easy sexy jokes
4. When the sequel trailer has no one in it from the first movie.

                 -George of the Jungle wasn’t that great of a movie but it was entertaining and Brendan Frasier himself was genuinely funny guy.  Than when George of the Jungle 2 commercial started appearing audience had to be taken back when guy who was repeated referred as George looked nothing like Frasier.  This almost could’ve been tricky enough to make some think it’s a plot of a George copy-cat but not really.

Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos

                Avatar definitely had the second one and small bits it would should something that needs to be done via computer with a real actor the people look like they are from Starcraft or something.  The thing about Avatar is I couldn’t tell if it was because I was watching the film in 3-D or the graphics aligned with what was actually filmed.  It’s an important factor for me since I’d always much rather film a kick apple robot.  I will admit Avatar had too many villagers in the script to do such a thing but doesn’t mean I should give them slack for their animation.  If one doesn’t have the technology to do it than don’t do it I exclaim especially since the 3-D glasses now cost an extra $3 extra to watch it. To finish off this spiel, Avatar’s graphics were smooth except for the giant robots where the people controlled them by sitting inside.  That was surprising for James Cameron to make look goofy since his Aliens 2 hand the same thing when Sigourney Weaver went one on one with the mother Alien. 
           In this review there will be a lot of nit-picking at this movie but be sure to look at the rating at the end because it is still unquestionably worth seeing before DVD.  These new 3-D effects were cool and not the hoky ones that would be used in 80s movies, where something had to be thrown at the audience for them to notice what they are watching in 3-D.  It was simple but noticeable.  A few times during the film I took the glasses off to see the difference and everything looked fine if it was in front but if an object was in the distance it would be a little blurry. 
            The acting was very good with Sam Worthington leading the way with Sigourney Weaver taking the assist.  Sam Worthington had to portray of an injured veteran on a journey back to revival from leg paralysis.  Hmm.  The guy is a very good knuckle head which the audience wants gain happiness no matter how many people tell him he’s screwed up.  Sigourney is a translator of sorts, who is passionate of what she fights for though every time she tries convincing anybody anything she’s always portrayed by others as the crazy tree hugger.  Sounds a little like her Aliens role.  The third top actor is the one you see in the trailers shooting and yelling to destroy everything kind of giving away how well the diplomatic solution went.  This is a very black and white character but he’s not all wrong.  General Nutso is shown as the bad guy because he wants to use the army to invade the Smurfs (blue people).  Well, hello he is a general what else can he really suggest?  Team diplomat was more worried about their journey than their actual goal.  General Nutso may have laid created the same results no matter what but it doesn’t less procrastination would’ve helped save some lives.
         Who can blame Team Diplomat for wanting to spend their time just observing the awesomeness and fantasy of the Smurf world?  Majority of Avatar aimed at becoming an official warrior in the Smurf tribe.  Cameron created a world one could easily fall for in those nerdy Warcraft video games from the animals the Smurf get to ride to the being 10 feet tall and having a tail.  Really, who doesn’t want a freaking tail and be blue?  Well, not Smurf blue but more Nightcrawler blue. 
            The feature is a little less than 3 hours and you feel it.  The best way to measure this is if you stop and check you cell phone during the phone.  I did and I could imagine that is the point of the movie Tara began her nap!  Since a lot of the movie spent time on Sam Worthington’s character observing the Smurf’s culture and not trying to complete anything that made a difference to the humans it wasn’t really plot driven.

Another quick thing to pick at that I thought was awkward and didn’t make a darn thing of difference was the black doctor until the very end.  The reason he bugged me was the fact he walked in on Worthington’s character, Jake, telling General Nutso and friends how to invade the Smurfs to where he gave a shocked face of disappointment.  That facial expression gave the impression that there will actually be something interesting to happen in the human side of the movie like a confrontation.  No, not really and it could’ve balance out the awkwardness at the end of the movie when Team Diplomat and Team Kick-apples had about three verbal arguments that went nowhere.

Smurfs had an appearance I swear had to make 3/4 of the audience jealous besides the weird tentacles in their hair but even I wouldn’t let that ruin being 10 feet tall and blue.  Color and height is not the only thing a majority of American audience will be jealous.  The shape every single Smurf was in was just silly how each and every one of them didn’t have an ounce of fat.  It reminded me of pro wrestlers in video games and on action figures of how they are always given six packs no matter their abdomens look in real life.  Giving even a few elders a more realistic appearance compared to us would make people walk out of the theater going, “What a disgusting figure those aliens had!” 

If I was Cameron though, I would probably make the decision of all pretty rather than all ugly.

The story won’t drive you into watching but everything else will.  My friend Lucas pointed out that the storyline of people with technology attacking “savages” is actually derived from Dances of the Wolves.   His comparison reminded me of several of paranoid goals I thought this movie since seeing the trailers.   Hollywood is so hippy that I couldn’t figure what message it was trying to send to audience.  Was Avatar trying to say shame on America for taking the Native Americans home or did it have an anti-corporation or general anti-Army?  It could’ve just been a good storyline in general but you have to watch out for those shifty eyed celebrities.

In conclusion this movie receives 4 & a quarter out 5 stars.  Even though it may have been very long it fit because of the epicness of the world that had to be introduced to the audience.  There are many things for audience to find to enjoy in this film from cool battle to new creatures of beyond to technology to Michele Rodrigez, everyone’s favorite spunky latina. 

PS for Avatar I heard a pretty funny spoof advertisement for Avatar on the radio when I was in Cold Sprink for Jake’s Hockey tournament, where they got 3rd  Go Johnson!  Well, in the advertisement the soldier on planet Smurf were getting a warning from their captain about a Smurf spy within their forces.  When the soldiers hear of this infiltration, the soldiers try to figure what kind of disguises the Smurfs would use and suggestions came as using a funny hat, handle bar mustaches or sunglasses.  Dumbfounded the general goes, “I suppose but they are 10 feet tall, blue and they have tails.  It should be pretty obvious” place.

Then a soldier double checks, “but they still can be wearing some sort of disguise”

“Well sure they can but it would be quite obvious”, argued the General.

The soldier finished the conversation with saying, “Good, everyone look for some fake mustaches.” I thought it was funny advertisement to recite. 

Angels and Demons review

Angels & Demons Pictures, Images and Photos

One warning, I should give about any book that turns into a movie is 99% of the time readers say the story is always better on paper than on the big screen.  Usually the best order to go is watch the movie than read the book.  The only problem with this is order is there are fewer complaints but when reading the book you lose your creativity of imagining what characters look like in the book. 

Angels and Demons was mystery thriller that made sure there was no way audience can piece together the pieces to the large mystery.  It was kind of an interesting ride if you are a tourist expert.  Many of the parts of the puzzle that Tom Hanks character was trying to figure out is gibberish to the audience.  The characters sound brilliantly smart when they are discussing how to stop the terrorist attack but who cares if the audience can’t follow what they are talking about.  These smart discussions made audience blank out for a good quarter of the movie.  If script writers were going to change the story from the book they could’ve at least slow down the characters so they give the audience some trivia to walk away with about the Catholic religion or Rome. 

There is one thing this movie made sure force audience to walk away with is that the Catholic religion as an organization tortured people something hundreds year ago for not believing in the same religion.  People who are big Angels and Demon fans exclaim how people can be mad about what movie claims about Catholics, if it’s a fiction.  If I wrote a fictional book where, Obama is terrorist I would receive so much gruff for the portrayal of Obama even though my book would be fake.  Don’t act so uppity if you can’t take it both ways. 

Angels and Demons made it likely for audience to figure out who the real bad guy is when Ewan McGregor’s priest character several time bragged about how ashamed Catholics should be for being torturers.  Why no matter how much proof that the church has done these torturing would a priest who has the power of the pope almost brag about how bad your own religion is?  Ewan McGregor did a good job playing the proud priest throughout all the troubles they were going through. 

The cuts that did in fact bother me were to the character of Vittoria.  Was she only in this movie to look pretty?    She was completely pointless in this movie while Tom Hanks walked around talking smart but the book gave her a character with more content.  The not telling her background story saved about 200 pages from the movie and film.  One thing director Ron Howard did do correct with this film from the book is the way Vittoria and Langdon just didn’t take a break from the rush of the situation to have a philosophical conversation for a freaking lifetime.  As interesting those conversation can be in the back of one’s mind when reading these intriguing conversation they are freaking out the bomb that explode any time.  Hmm, a bomb is going to explode so let’s have some tea and discussion in the meantime.  Ron Howard took a quicker approach to these stimulating conversations by making the characters have them while in motion. 

I give this half year old movie two star out of five for dropping the Vittoria character and being outright smug.

Movie Reference: Collateral

Just thought I’d refer a Michael Mann movie I’ve gotten into every time I watch it.  Michael Mann is a simple director, that straight-out tells the audience what he wants to tell them instead of giving them abstract BS.  The scenery in LA seems so cool through the eyes of Collateral. Tom Cruise does an amazing bad guy that you still can’t dislike.  Giving him grey doesn’t make him look older but more distant.  His work with Jamie Fox seemed to work well with each other.  My favorite line in this movie is when Jamie Fox finds out the Tom Cruise is an assassin and he goes, “I’ll just leave and you can take the car.”
           Where Tom Cruise responds with, “Promise you won’t tell?”  Hilarious!  I don’t see what’s everyone’s problem with Tom Cruise is.  It’s his wife Katie Holmes that needs to fall off a cliff.  Actually, Cruises next movie seems pretty funny.  Here’s an example:

Tom Cruise takes Cameron Diaz hostage and exclaims, “Anyone try to stop me, I’ll kill myself and then shoot her!” Well, here watch it!
      Thanks for reading this.  If you want to help me out answer one of these questions.  What do you think about blue people?  Is even fake blasphemy okay?  Would you be will to push Katie Holmes?  What do you watch for in trailers for signs of a crappy movie?

Oh, quick tidbit for when you’re thirsty, drink a cup of water first so you when get to the pop or fancy drink’s taste goes to waste.   

Topics for future blogs....
*Best music of 09 by genre
*Who is going to win that bowl that is pretty SUPER
*My Golden Globe ballot

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 Silver Angel Silver Angel (Anthony)
"this review would've been a lot better without the over excessive steroid filled wrestler with a hand handgun on his shirt......also i feel smurf killing for their smurf berries is morally wrong :P"

Best 13 movies from 2009 * Jan 1, 2010

Best 13 movies from 2009

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Best Movies of the 2009

inglorious basterds Pictures, Images and Photos1.    1.   Inglorious Basterds (August) – This movie definitely gave my friends and me the feeling that it was epic. Tarantino knows how to add the essence of drama to his movies.  When people watch movies there’s a certain finish they are looking that’s super climatic and that’s what he does everytime.  This movie gave me no complaints what so ever and is making me wait however long I need to for his next larger-than-life motion picture.

a.       Runner-up
                                                               i.      Halloween II
                                                             ii.      District 9

Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos
22.       Avatar (December) – To think this would be my number 2 before I seen it would not be believable by.  This is the first non-animated movie I’ve seen in the new 3-d technology and it doesn’t change the story, characters or appearance but it’s the next advancement that with 5 years a majority of movies will have.  James Cameron tried his best to fit every genre in hear and with the help of Worthington’s acting and the creative design to make this new planet he has a classic on his hand. (Review will come later)

a.       Runner-up: The Princess and the Frog

Terminator Salvation Pictures, Images and Photos
33.       T-4/Terminator Salvation (May) - After 20 years of this movie being referenced too it finally comes out.  Even though Christian Bale had his Batman voice throughout the whole thing.  The war building is cool and I hope in the future they work just as hard on an epic battle as they did laying out finally the post apocalyptic scenario.

hangover movie pic Pictures, Images and Photos
44.       Hangover (June) – This comedic gem kept my friends and I laughing throughout the whole movie and I can’t think of another comedy that has done this.  Star Trek was good but this feature had to start from scratch with not so popular actors.
a.       Runner-up: Ice Age III

55.       Star Trek (May) –This is the last movie on this list that I would exclaim that you must see in the theaters this year.  I grew up being a Trekkie and this is the second movie with Spock I’ve seen there.  JJ Abram knows how to bring the effect and there’s no way you can get the same intensity at home.

The Pink Panther 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
66.       Pink Panther 2 (February) – This might be an odd movie at #6 but this is only one of two movies that Steve Martin did and there’s no way in hell I’m going to watch a chick flick without force.
a.       Runner-up: Push

77.       Zombieland (October) – This movie reached this point because of the creative way it made a zombie movie into a comedy and though Shaun of the Dead is a comedy it ends up having a more realistic storyline that follows other storylines as this found another unique angle to watch the apocalyptic journey at.
a.       Runner-up: This is it

obsessed Pictures, Images and Photos
88.       Obsessed (April) – A very overlooked that made me very surprised when watching.  Some points of it seem repetitive but what I look for when I sit down to watch a movie is something active and different and this one draws it name out and doesn’t keep me waiting through long and self absorbed dialogue, Watchmen!
a.       Runner-up: Crank

99.       Watchmen (March) – A story that has also waited decades for it to created into visual motion.  This movie fulfilled its goal of laying the comic book into film.  This movie was long but it got lost in its own dialogue a lot which made viewers want to yell fight already.  I understand it is suppose to be a philosophical/politically motivated movie but that doesn’t mean I have to like it more than the others on this list because of that.
a.       Runner-up: I love you, Man

110.   Public Enemies (July) – An overrated movie that everyone loved just because Johnny Depp was in it.  Don’t mark it though because of that little exclamation this was still a good film.  The biggest reason why it is lower on the list is because it takes too much of a grayscale on if bank robberies and murder are righteous.  Also, this movie drags with its dialogue.
a.       Runner-up: Transformers II

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Pictures, Images and Photos
1 11.   Paranormal Activity (September) –A distinctive feature that copycatted Blair Witch.  One could practically call this the home version of that.  Being a decade later it took the reign by the horns and still scaring folks unlike any other current horror in this time of skeptics.
a.       Runner-up: Gamer

1 12.    Precious (November) - Seeing Mo’nique who I very much enjoy watching as much as her characters as always similar.  Precious is another teen movie but towards a very dark dimension.  It’s a corny storyline about having dreams but do not worry Disney will not being buying the rights to this rugged must see.
a.       Runner-up: Ninja Assassin
1  13. Taken (January) – A revenge that take all the length it needs to bring in the audience.  It reminded much of Man on Fire except on an international scale.  Liam Neeson does a great job but it ended taking last for this year’s top film because the genre is too common but at least it made it to the top 13.

a.       Runner-up: Notorious

Let me know how accurate you thought I was.  The movie in those runner-ups are the second choice I have for that month.  How about choosing the movie from each month?  Does it make the selection more even than usual.  It seems though that the summer movies ruled the selection naturally.  Pretty interesting but it makes sense since that is time most are free so that would be the best opportunity to let out the big guns.

Hopeful upcoming blogs:
-My ballot for Golden Globes
-Movie review of Avatar and Angels & Demons
-Dreamy records.

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1. whats what say WHAT? whats what say WHAT? (Ashley)
"re rating your ratings: best to worst 7 2 1 4 3 11 13 12 8 6 5 10 9
and i think i love you, man should be like ..#2
but there were a lot more great movies you should do like, top three in every genre
watchmen was too long and boring for me"
          "Oh my gosh, Ashley.  You read my blog.  I am so happy to hear from you.  I                       didn't know you still used myspace.  How are you doing?  How is your baby?

         You liked T-4 that much.  I liked it a bunch but I'm too big of a fan of Tarantino. 

         I've been wanting to see I Love You, Man but I forgot to grab from Johnny"
"lol your right there are the top movies!!.. "look it the baby wacking off"!

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King of Pop jobbing to hunger * Jul 27, 2009

King of Pop jobbing to hunger!

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Jobs, King of Pop and Hunger

Cloudy hunting....

As most of the people I talk to know after a long search I finally got a job.  It isn’t the most prestigious position to hold but it gets me enough money to where I am not complaining at the moment.  With minimal wage rising as fast and crazy as it is maybe the restaurant just wanted to beat it so I wouldn’t complain next year.  It’s a graveyard shift where I work 5 hours a night cleaning everything up.  Being hired around June 12th was kind of perfect timing because I just earned enough by July to payoff that month’s rent.  It’s going to take a few paychecks until I am able to break even and I can’t wait until that happens.  It’s disappointing how I did though in my job hunt and it’s not because of the job I landed but how long it took me to get that job.  There must have been 30 jobs I applied spending almost 4-6 hours traveling around St. Cloud.  Out of all those I only got called back for a total two interviews.  There were a few on the spots interviews but that seems to be what the company automatically does and wasn’t holding much potential for anything else.  Just because I ended up with a job that will have me just merely passing does not mean I am done looking.  I would like to imagine I can put myself to auction until I have the most amazing job.  Networking is usually how I got my jobs before last summer.  Last summer I was amazingly lucky to get the two easy jobs that I did and sometime I’d like to get those back.  Currently my biggest concern is how this job will fare with school but at the moment I don’t have much of a choice with how I don’t think I can find a job with better pay.


Here I can show you in a video of how I feel about this but I quickly want to go over how I found about this catastrophe.  It started as one of my more enjoyable days of the summer.  I woke up in the afternoon by a phone call to be invited to toss water balloons with Tara, Amanda and her boyfriend.  The actual fight was kind of awkward because those darn balloons were tougher than I remember them being.  Attempting to make it the balloons explode on impact I threw them as fast as possible at Tara or Amanda and because of the strength of these balloons they bruised the poor girls.  It was okay they are some of the toughest gals I know. While Tara was showering for me :P, I find out Amanda and I both like this cartoon reality show called Total Drama (whatever series it is).  Check it out on Cartoon Network sometime.  The show is meant for kids but holds adult humor in it too that I enjoy immensely.  We headed off to the crossroads mall where I begin feeling like my world was dying and it all started in Scheels where we were receiving our tasty fudge samples.  We gather in the foosball jersey section and this reminds Tara of how she “read” an article about the horrible rumors of Favre becoming a Viking is official; don’t worry there is no such article.  This is sign #1 of apocalypse.  As we barely get further down the hallway and barely minutes after the Viking horror.  Tara and Amanda are using their text machines to gather news that I could only believe at first was a joke.  Michael Jackson is dead!  I believe this was a spam text that people like sending around.  If you hit the person you are sending these messages with enough legitimacy and shock they could believe it.  The problem was there weren’t just one message saying there were many and a friend; Chelsea that works at Hot Topic confirmed this.  What a shock!  This man who is reason for my cartoons being interrupted for this guy’s trial, creating his own hype of being a dance legend and THRILLER is just gone.  This was unbelievable because of the status this man had created for himself.  At the same time, it won’t make much of a difference because it seemed nothing new was going to be produced from him.  I remember him doing “Rock my World” in 2001 around my High School years but that’s really it except his hit trials.

Here is my tribute I did for him…

The Feeding Urge....

It’s a good thing I’m going into psychology and have been learning about how the anatomy and brain work together.  At beginning of these classes in college I hated because I wanted to go straight to learning about therapy and what processes are safest to go through for different mental illnesses.  Currently, I have not applied this to my current problem.  It’s a weird problem and one that is only researched in the case of obesity and I wouldn’t consider myself obese but I could definitely be in better shape.  Not being the richest person, I don’t have the greatest amount of food.  At the same time, I am not starving.  There is always food in my cabinet and freezer but I am unsure when to eat them and save things for ‘special occasions’.  I think this may add to my frenzies of when I have a chance to eat more than usual.  It’s like I only eat to fill up so I won’t starve later.  It comes to the point where I don’t know when to stop.  There should be something there to tell me I’m full or I’ve had enough but nothing.  This could be incredibly unhealthy for me especially at a point where I will not have the same metabolism as five years ago.  Just to let you know, this does not apply at buffets when it would help the most giving me the most “bounce” for my buck.  People annoy me at buffets.  Whenever, I go to buffets with most people not all they want to treat it like a regular meal at sit down restaurant. Hell no!  Why would one pay $10 and eat a $5 meal; that’s how these buffets make their money.  Slow down.  One doesn’t have to be constantly eating.  After you eat your food just sit and let it digest so you don’t get sick when you go exercise it off.  This is a very interesting area to keep an eye on because it can go hand to hand with addiction and ones willpower.  That’s my biggest problem when it comes to this is the thought of how my will power could be weakening and when one claims to be the follower of the Green Lantern, how I can I allow my willpower fall.  It won’t happen.  This research could help in a script Amanda and I are trying to write about cannibal parents who have an urge they cannot ignore.


Thanks for reading.  Comment on your opinion or thought or what you’d like to hear.  View count makes no difference to me if no is going to process what’s I talk about in my blogs.  The blog is one of the reasons why I enjoy myspace more than facebook and I would like accept as the truth that I have talent in writing if I want to push being a scriptwriter.  Also, I owe one more blog this month for skipping June.

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Treks Salvation of the Dance Flunkies * May 28, 2009

Treks Salvation of the Dance Flunkies

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T-Salv & Dance Flunk; say what?  Star Trek too

This time it's all movie reviews so please choose one or more to check out.  I crave for feedback even if it's on an older one.

Terminator Salvation
Yesterday, T-4 finally came out.  I was too excited.  Some of the plugs for this gimmick gave me a few flinches before coming to see it.  The first sign of possibility weakness was the rating.  It’s a thing film productions have been doing to ‘reach’ a wider audience.  The first three Terminators were rated R but this one was the oh so dreaded PG-13.  The same PG-13 that made Alien v. Predator an action instead of a horror/thriller, the same PG-13 that all these parodies try to repeat what the Wayans did with Scary movie 1 & 2 but can’t hold up to the nastiness so they have to use kindergarten potty humor and that same PG-13 that is ruining Sesame Street from the hardcore ultimate bloodbath it use to be.  

The only actor I knew or really cared about now was Christian Bale (Batman Begins, American Psycho).  A few days before the movie came out, I started to get to know this awesome production was also Bryce Dallas something and Common.  As slightly off as the name Christian is, these other cast names are downright silly.  The director’s name is MCG(Mick-Gee), John Connor wife/girl-friend/baby’s mama/ is named Bryce (like rice but with a B), and Common(What the fudge?).  Watching the introduction credits I chuckled. 

I recognized Bryce’s name from the M. Night flicks ‘Village’ where she was the blind chick and ‘The lady in the water’, where she was the lady.  Common did a interview on PBS and is the hip-hoper in the tzune commercial fighting with the old guy.  Paying attention to the Common interview I heard him say something that I kind of thought was a bit interesting.  Common compared T4’s battle against the robots with today’s battle against Capitalism.  What?  Robots represent free market?  You think they’d represent some sort oppression.  Gyah, I won’t get too into it but sometimes if you actually listen to people you may hear some disturbing things.

Onto the review.  This movie had a challenge and it exceeded it   The first three Terminators were in a modern era where the robots were played by actors. Now, they can’t just use a street or a bar that’s already there.  They have to create a set themselves without being lazy and blue screening the background like Wolverine did.  This was accomplished.  There were bare parking lots, industrial robot factory and even a submarine.  The robots were fantastic in not allowing the audience to see any video game like features.  Showing the war had gone for awhile the Resistance could easily name the type of machine that was attacking them.  I actually want to learn these types so I am prepared when the crisis happens; it’s more realistic than zombies.  The hydrobots were the most attention-grabbing because of the way they invade the waters and made them more dangerous than if sharks or piranhas were in them.  Transformers 2 had a trailer prior to this and T-4 almost had a giant fireball blasting robot that is comparable.  The background T-4 created was believable and successful.  The only part I was surprised about was the hierarchy in this post apocalyptic world and how the UN, kind of, was cruising around in a Submarine.  The four nations in charge of everything were Japan, Russia, America, and some African nation.  I guess since it’s been 15 years since the explosion so if the humans want to create an efficient military system than they needed organization.  without scratch.

The camera use in this film was fun and made it very rollercoaster like.  This director or DP enjoyed sticking the camera to 1st person aspects.  At the very beginning there was a helicopter crash and the point of view was in that crashing helicopter.  I almost thought that a motion sickness warning was needed but this wasn’t abused.  It gives one the idea that they are in for a rollercoaster ride.

An interesting aspect I wanted to go over about the characters was the comparison of Marcus(the new type of robot) and John Connor.  John Connor was supposed to be the one who was going to be everyone’s ‘salvation’ against these robots but he seemed to be taking himself too seriously.  Growing up, his mom spoon fed him that nothing can be done with him in the future.  There is no such thing as destiny; right now, if you take away congress people will easily rise to take there place.  It may be bumpy but it can be done. On a nightly basis, Connor would sit in this room by himself listening to this tape from his mom, who doesn’t have anything useful to say except gibberish.  The reason I believe the others follow him is because he is a General in this hierarchy not because he’ll magically save them but if feeds into his great idea of himself.  T-4 isn’t only following him though.  His character only had one emotion, which was anger.  My favorite line kiddingly, “WHAT ARE YOU?” to Marcus as their conversation was clearly finished.

There’s Marcus.  The prisoner convict put on death row and signed his body for god knows what.  Sure, a cancer patient asked for it, but the contract had a robotics company’s name on it. He played the loner/warrior in this movie.  He’s not the type of person to hug a tree but if he sees an obstruction that isn’t right, he’ll stop it.  As much as I would hate becoming a robot’s friend no matter what movie Marcus makes you care.  My sister had a hard time understanding the concept that he wasn’t a real person.  Marcus is what will make this movie memorable.  An awkward part in the movie was at the end when Marcus came ‘home’ he took a break and got new clothes.  New clothes?  You’re in a war, buddy, no time for shopping. 

I would recommend everyone go out of their way to see this if you are a fan of Terminator, action or post apocalyptic scenarios.  The reviews from others are picky and won’t let Christian Bale go on his excitement and overdramatic acting.  Who cares?  Christian Bale does what he needs too and if he’s not doing it right the director should cut scene but I had no problem with his acting.  He does what’s needed for the part.  Just give anyone who is still thinking that push they need Arnold is in this. This get’s a A-!

Dance Flick
Now, onto Dance Flunk.  It deeply disappointed me.  When the Wayans name was slapped on this there is some prestige that came to be expected.  Don’t Drink Juice, White Chick, and the first two Scary Movies were fantastic.  How can one knock a gun battle when Marlon Wayans pulls a freaking USSR nuke from the back of his van to scare off the gangsters?  This movies storyline and pops were such a mess that it belongs in the same category as the last two Scary movie’s and the rest of the craptacular parodies that have been coming these last few years.  There is no quality in those films.  They shoot them in two weeks and children go to them because these movies are PG-13 and refer to current movies.  I can’t stand watching these movies because they even try making fun of characters that are meant to be comedic.  That’s like saying, “ha-ha, Adam Sandler’s voice sound funny when he sings the Hanukkah song!”. 

What I should’ve checked for before seeing this is the director.  Keenan Ivory Wayans is the brother that directs all of these comedic pleasure.  The brother that made a mess of this film was Damien Wayans.  Remember his as the “Crappy Wayans brother”.  I didn’t think there could be a bad Wayans brother but I found out the hard way.  Do not see this!  It gets a F!

Star Trek

An unexpected movie I didn’t plan to see was the new Star Trek.  As everyone jittered about how excited they were for this to come out I tried to warn them that the reason everyone enjoyed the original Star Trek was not because the vast technology and effects but because of the zany stories, that can only be explained by, “Because we are in space, that’s why Furbies are taking over.”  Onion had a video making fun of my point of which I made.  I should’ve posted it earlier so no one can call me a liar.  This was cool for me to see since I was a Trekie since I was in first grade but it wasn’t the original I was a fan of.  I seen all the Next Generation movies in theaters and walking into this I got those same feelings back.  I remember my whole family wanted to see Richie Rich and I refused beyond reason; they were forced to go to Star Trek Generations!  I was even Spock as a child for Halloween.  During school I always trying to do the Vulcan sleeper hold on fellow classmates and could easily do the “Peace and Prosper” hand signal.

The young and new cast did an excellent job.  I could not think of anyone that could replace them.  Seeing the commercial the person replacing Sulu was John Cho, Harold in Harold and Kumar go… It bugged me because he was the biggest name on the cast and I was nervous he was stuck on there just because he was Asian; he turned out fine.  The movie had quick build-up for the non-Star Trek fans.  This version gave Spock a girl-friend which made him more human and Kirk had a more rambunctious attitude.  I was very impressed with this versions Spock because he was non-emotional but others cared for him forcing a human side.  His loyalty towards his mother when others attacked her for what kind of species she was is great character build-up; the loyalty trait has constantly been my favorite.  Spock was even cooler when he finally used his grip technique.  Pretty much, the characters were just a tad more extreme version of what they originally were.  There’s nothing bad I can say about it except it could have been just a long episode of the series but that also goes with a plus.  I hope it does become a series.  There revamped characters were interesting and I want to get to know them even more.  The possibility of there being a Earth to stop at gives the writing team a better chance of connecting with the audience.  This movie showed me one thing that I should’ve always knew: that green aliens can be very sexy!

I love William Shatner and it pisses me off when people have the audacity to compare the two and dis Shatner because his Kirk was overdramatic.  It worked and Shatner still has it today as was seen in ‘Boston Legal.’  Everyone did the same thing with Nicholson and Ledger; both their Jokers were fantastic.  The scope of Leonard Nimoy being allowed on set and not Shatner I haven’t grasped but it would have been too corny to have both of them make cameos.  Nimoy probably needed the work anyways.  So there it is.  JJ Abrams(Cloverfield) did it again and this gets B+!

If you are in town watch me ref at ECHO wrestling in Sartell.  I’m really excited I get to meet some of these top guys, finally.  Not sure what my June plans are going to be but I assure you they will be better than “This month is a complete blank.”  Here are some things I can talk about in my next blog and still is pushing off.

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