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Best 13 movies from 2009 * Jan 1, 2010

Best 13 movies from 2009

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Best Movies of the 2009

inglorious basterds Pictures, Images and Photos1.    1.   Inglorious Basterds (August) – This movie definitely gave my friends and me the feeling that it was epic. Tarantino knows how to add the essence of drama to his movies.  When people watch movies there’s a certain finish they are looking that’s super climatic and that’s what he does everytime.  This movie gave me no complaints what so ever and is making me wait however long I need to for his next larger-than-life motion picture.

a.       Runner-up
                                                               i.      Halloween II
                                                             ii.      District 9

Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos
22.       Avatar (December) – To think this would be my number 2 before I seen it would not be believable by.  This is the first non-animated movie I’ve seen in the new 3-d technology and it doesn’t change the story, characters or appearance but it’s the next advancement that with 5 years a majority of movies will have.  James Cameron tried his best to fit every genre in hear and with the help of Worthington’s acting and the creative design to make this new planet he has a classic on his hand. (Review will come later)

a.       Runner-up: The Princess and the Frog

Terminator Salvation Pictures, Images and Photos
33.       T-4/Terminator Salvation (May) - After 20 years of this movie being referenced too it finally comes out.  Even though Christian Bale had his Batman voice throughout the whole thing.  The war building is cool and I hope in the future they work just as hard on an epic battle as they did laying out finally the post apocalyptic scenario.

hangover movie pic Pictures, Images and Photos
44.       Hangover (June) – This comedic gem kept my friends and I laughing throughout the whole movie and I can’t think of another comedy that has done this.  Star Trek was good but this feature had to start from scratch with not so popular actors.
a.       Runner-up: Ice Age III

55.       Star Trek (May) –This is the last movie on this list that I would exclaim that you must see in the theaters this year.  I grew up being a Trekkie and this is the second movie with Spock I’ve seen there.  JJ Abram knows how to bring the effect and there’s no way you can get the same intensity at home.

The Pink Panther 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
66.       Pink Panther 2 (February) – This might be an odd movie at #6 but this is only one of two movies that Steve Martin did and there’s no way in hell I’m going to watch a chick flick without force.
a.       Runner-up: Push

77.       Zombieland (October) – This movie reached this point because of the creative way it made a zombie movie into a comedy and though Shaun of the Dead is a comedy it ends up having a more realistic storyline that follows other storylines as this found another unique angle to watch the apocalyptic journey at.
a.       Runner-up: This is it

obsessed Pictures, Images and Photos
88.       Obsessed (April) – A very overlooked that made me very surprised when watching.  Some points of it seem repetitive but what I look for when I sit down to watch a movie is something active and different and this one draws it name out and doesn’t keep me waiting through long and self absorbed dialogue, Watchmen!
a.       Runner-up: Crank

99.       Watchmen (March) – A story that has also waited decades for it to created into visual motion.  This movie fulfilled its goal of laying the comic book into film.  This movie was long but it got lost in its own dialogue a lot which made viewers want to yell fight already.  I understand it is suppose to be a philosophical/politically motivated movie but that doesn’t mean I have to like it more than the others on this list because of that.
a.       Runner-up: I love you, Man

110.   Public Enemies (July) – An overrated movie that everyone loved just because Johnny Depp was in it.  Don’t mark it though because of that little exclamation this was still a good film.  The biggest reason why it is lower on the list is because it takes too much of a grayscale on if bank robberies and murder are righteous.  Also, this movie drags with its dialogue.
a.       Runner-up: Transformers II

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Pictures, Images and Photos
1 11.   Paranormal Activity (September) –A distinctive feature that copycatted Blair Witch.  One could practically call this the home version of that.  Being a decade later it took the reign by the horns and still scaring folks unlike any other current horror in this time of skeptics.
a.       Runner-up: Gamer

1 12.    Precious (November) - Seeing Mo’nique who I very much enjoy watching as much as her characters as always similar.  Precious is another teen movie but towards a very dark dimension.  It’s a corny storyline about having dreams but do not worry Disney will not being buying the rights to this rugged must see.
a.       Runner-up: Ninja Assassin
1  13. Taken (January) – A revenge that take all the length it needs to bring in the audience.  It reminded much of Man on Fire except on an international scale.  Liam Neeson does a great job but it ended taking last for this year’s top film because the genre is too common but at least it made it to the top 13.

a.       Runner-up: Notorious

Let me know how accurate you thought I was.  The movie in those runner-ups are the second choice I have for that month.  How about choosing the movie from each month?  Does it make the selection more even than usual.  It seems though that the summer movies ruled the selection naturally.  Pretty interesting but it makes sense since that is time most are free so that would be the best opportunity to let out the big guns.

Hopeful upcoming blogs:
-My ballot for Golden Globes
-Movie review of Avatar and Angels & Demons
-Dreamy records.

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1. whats what say WHAT? whats what say WHAT? (Ashley)
"re rating your ratings: best to worst 7 2 1 4 3 11 13 12 8 6 5 10 9
and i think i love you, man should be like ..#2
but there were a lot more great movies you should do like, top three in every genre
watchmen was too long and boring for me"
          "Oh my gosh, Ashley.  You read my blog.  I am so happy to hear from you.  I                       didn't know you still used myspace.  How are you doing?  How is your baby?

         You liked T-4 that much.  I liked it a bunch but I'm too big of a fan of Tarantino. 

         I've been wanting to see I Love You, Man but I forgot to grab from Johnny"
"lol your right there are the top movies!!.. "look it the baby wacking off"!

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