Friday, February 22, 2013

Live Event II * March 27 2006

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I got a HHH(King of King shirts), EG shirt(a must have for anyone who has seen Eddie Guerrero in his time), Carlito bear, Carlito apple necklace(which I need a better chain for because my neck is getting itchy), HBK(which I'm regretting a little), program. After excitingly getting my items Tyrone and I ran back to our seats and watched the show just seeing Eugene make fun of "The Masterpiece".  The lights went out preparing everyone for Kane; Masters got the lock on Eugene when the lights went out.  This match was real technical until the signature moves started to come with Masters unable to lock "The masterlock" Kane reverse it to his own lock which he couldn't so he slamed Master getting ready for his top rope move with a chokeslam following.  The next match was "The Big Valboski" & Viscera v. 2 members of the SS with an extra member to cheer them on.  I just assumed the other 2 couldn't make it.  The SS tried to get everyone to cheer but all they got were big boos; they still stuck too the "Ready, Okay" routine.  Then Vis and Venis came and everyone went nuts; it reminded me of when WWE showed respect for Val Venis back in the day.  The match started off pretty good with Venis and SS member(who actually did a good job wreslting).  The guy pulled some cheap shots to keep Venis in the rings and started tossing him around getting everyone excited for when Big Vis came.  He did get tagged and knocked both SS men over and stacked them ontop each other to give the the a big leg drop and a humping.  He then tagged Val after beating the crap out of the 2 for awhile, tossed the illegal SS member and beat him up.  The referee watched Vis attack him as 2 SS members(who I thought take the night off) come and clock Venis in the head with the mic and runaway as the legal member gave Venis one of the biggest DDT I have ever seen before for the pin.  The SS all ran away as Vis came to the ring to see what happened.

Carlito v. Chavo Guerrero match was next where Chavo came out first to Eddie chants and Carlito came shining his apple with people very excited for him.  The match starts Chavo was being very speedy and Carlito being technical & speedy too then Carlito pulled out a great backbreaker where Carlito started for Chavo to get a few dropkicks and get ready for the frog splash where instead turned in a across body splash because how quickly Carlito got up; they both bounce with Carlito ontop. Carlito got the pin!!!

Still to finish!  Too tired to do it now!  The reason I'm telling this is to show my excitement and so I can look back on this.


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