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Free Subw@y english muffin sandwich review * Apr 30, 2010


Free Subw@y english muffin sandwich review

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I do not have any time to write this but I wanted to not stop writing monthly blogs.  I will try to keep this simple and just write a review of Subw@ys new breakfast item.

Yesterday, I was typing in my room a massive research paper of the importance of sports and competition in Japan compared to here and was jaming out to my jams.  Somehow the media player got stuck playing a repeat of the same eight songs.  To avoid causing a long distraction from my paper and hearing the KQRS interview of Bobcat Goldthwait, he voiced Mr. Floppy of Unhappily Ever After, I was inspired to listen to the day's morning podcast of Tom Brainard's morning show.

 It was a very amusing show as always but a big random surprise came from a not so big star.  Jared the Subway guy was on the show promoting something awesome.  Just to let you know I hold Jared in high opinion because he likes coming to the WWE shows and not just to promote Subway.  I remember once CM Punk sent his straight Edge brigade to get Jared before DX ruined it.   Also, on the morning show he presented himself as being more than a tool.

 The guy had no problem sharing stories about him and friends.  What Jared's big promotion that he had to share was a free egg english muffin sandwich this morning from 7-11am, the only time I am guessing they offer it even when it was not free.  Thursday night I had to make sure I wasn't hearing things and spoke to the Subw@y in Atwood, SCSU's media center, and they explained it will only be an hour since they opened at 10am.  To me, all it meant was coming early if I didn't want to be late to my 10 am class until I got ridiculous at Earnest's party and beyond.  From the night I was burning and hungry and was willing to be a few minutes to take away some of them bad feelings. 

Here is the review of the sandwhich.  Comparing it to McDonald's breakfast items they are awesome and better because of the Sub Sandwich ingredients you will never get in McDonalds.  What I got was a steak and egg english muffin with tomato, shredded lettuce, green pepper, cucumbers with colby jack cheese.  To think the pathetic king claims to say he "gives it to us our way" more like we have to give it to him.  POO!  The sandwich doesn't fill one up but I can't even be filled by the foot longs. I guess for a grade these new items will get B+. 

I know I am not a food critic but I needed something fresh to jump on.

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