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Review of Rob Zombie's Halloween * Sep 3, 2007

Halloween Review

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This movie is great it's like the original except a hell of a lot more content, story and strong visual (blood, boobs and blackness).

Before I had gone to see Halloween I had heard on 93x while listening to it at work that Rob Zombie is asking all of his fans that are going to see either the day of or the midnight showing to dress as Michael Myers.  I thought if Zombie wants this I have to do it even though I have heard nothing to confirm this other than my Californian friend Chris; I hope he did it too.  I'm just trying to imagine how cool it would with a theatre full of Michael Myers; I just thought of an eerie nightmare that would be played on the Trighlight Zone see all of your worst night surrounding you with popcorn and their favorite drink.  Well, I did it!  Too bad I didn't have much time to shop because my mask didn't look so much like Myers but one would get the idea when seeing it.  The problem was the hair was latex and didn't look real and yes I tried to find a William Shatner mask to customize into Myers.  I felt it was worth doing it.  I tried convincing the other two members of the Halloween Preview Team to dress like him but that didn't work so later I thought I'd convince them to at least put some blood on their face.  I thought I got them to go a step beyond when we had a Halloween marathon of 1 & 8 when they said they'd wear 70's clothing like the trio in the movie but they were just on a Halloween high and told me later on they were just kidding.  Another disappointment that came two was that it was only playing at two theatres within the Twin Cities: White Bear Township and Rosedale 14 (good for them).  I can't believe that the Ultra Screen will have a midnight showing for a movie like Superbad which has been barely advertised for 2 weeks and it gets a midnight showing but screw the movie that's been 30 years into the making and has been advertised since April.  Like my friend Joey said it, "retarded humor is the IN thing right now".  I understand what he means; it's been mainstream ever since Will Ferrell and other SNL friends have made it to theatres.  I am not saying it's not entertaining but room should be made for those who deserve it and not given anyone because they are suppose to.  Anyway I was the only one in the theatre that was dressed as Michael which made me feel stupid when we first drove but then I didn't give a shit a second later knowing that because of me dressing like this is a showing I will remember because I made it something different plus I scared several people before and after without even trying; I even got a hot chick to cry while others gave me props.

            This movie really shouldn't be compared to the original because Rob Zombie does actually re-invent and make this his own movie.  That's one of the things that bothered me about Rob doing this is he'll be stuck doing others movies and not his own but I was kind of wrong to feel that because the movie was almost as if he completely wrote it himself.  Within the first five minutes there were "F words" all over, tits and blood being one of Zombie's obvious signatures.  He goes through Myers childhood which is done greatly by Daeg Faerch.  The kid has a perfect look for psycho yet does a great of showing a ride range of expressions and emotions; I hope he makes it further in his career in acting.  I would like to say the same for Sherri Moon Zombie but it seems like she's stuck with Rob but by choice though.  She surprised me because I thought she'd have problems transferring from giddy psycho to struggling mom but she did great at and made me believe she was a caring mom.  Dr.  Loomis is again just like in the old flick played great and probably the best character in the original and I would say one of the best in this one.  The cool thing I found about the new Halloween is that the new one had a lot more characters while the original had Michael, Dr. Loomis, Laurie and kids.  No thought was put into influences at all just that there was a killer.  I personally don't find the concept of the original too great since all it is that there is a killing machine that has no conscious.  I'm pretty sure Jaws had that concept and still manage to come up with more than 3 characters while making a kickass film.  I'm sure back then it was great but I don't give movies handicaps because of what year they were made.  The original Halloween was just too simple.  It had one cool shot of Michael's head coming out of the dark closet.  That being said there was not too much else that was above average.  It is a classic but I feel Zombie's Halloween blew it out the water by adding more suspense and character background.  I even cringed at some scenes which I almost never do and jumped a few times which got my friend chuckling at me but I swear I saw half the theatre jumping with me.  Rob deserves a lot of credit for how he fucked with the crowd with the Bob scene too.  Last props to the actress of Laurie Strode.

            Overall I think you have to see this if you can handle violent scenes and some blood; I'm under-exaggerating of course.  He puts his work in and you can see it when you watch the movie.  Try to be careful of those reviews that are still stuck in the 70's and tell them to catch up to the Zombie era.    Don't worry there won't be sequels too!!!

P.S. I didn't give spoilers!!!  There's a first for everything.

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1.Ian King Ian King
"I don't know you or your preferred movie stylings but if you feel people HAVE TO SEE THIS you should really rethink what movies are good and which ones are bad. It was a complete bastardization of everything great about Micheal if you thought that Halloween(1978) was lame for having 3 charecters and being "too simple" you obviously didn't get the point. Please rewatch the first film as many times as you have to until you NEVER WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE AGAIN."

Edit: I had a pretty decent debate with this guy about classic Halloween vs new Halloween but it seems Myspace lost it. It's too bad.

 2.whats what say WHAT? whats what say WHAT? (Ashley)
"this is upsetting"

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