Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend in Detroit and April's whatnots! I * May 1 2007

 Weekend in Detroit and April's whatnots! I

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So my Wrestlemania started on a Thursday and my first goal was to get from St. Cloud, MN to St. Paul, MN.  This hadn't been such a big since luckily my neighbor was going to St. Louis Park.  I couldn't contact anyone in St. Paul since I'm too cheap to get a cell phone so I could get a ride.  This was not something to stop me since I knew the Metro Bus system was so awesome that their had to be a bus route that was in my friend's area.  I looked it up the night before the ride so I wouldn't have to deal with any last minute shanagins.  On the way to St. Louis Park we just talked about matches at Wrestlemania which made me even more ridiculously excited.  We arrived there and I didn't write down the first stop (I had all the others down) because the person giving me the ride said he knew what stop.  There were many stops.

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