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Great disappointment * May 26 2006

Great disappointment

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The X-men III movie was by far one of the biggest disapoinment in my movie viewing career?!?!!  This is part Singer's fault mostly Ratnerr & Screenwriting friends.  The coolest part about X-men series was the pschology and the politics about it not just the action.  This made the movie very struggling to go with.  Skipping any character delopment or building on storyline.  It seemed that the filmakers were more interested in getting the jokes across rather than a deep storyline through.  X4 is going to have a lot of splaining to do.  GODAMIT; how can they let these people ruin such a great series. 
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"woops i gave u two props without commenting at first ahhaha well heres another two! taht really dissapointments r lame LAAAME because u pay money to see crap basically -_-"
                  "Yeah, especially when we paid extra too for advance tickets.  Have you seen it yet?"

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