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The Past Nomths * Nov 21, 2008

  • The Past Nomths

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    It's been a long time since I've done one of these.  They are not that important but still fun.  Since I've skipped so many months I just at least do quick month by month bullet summaries.  

    *Japan Night hosted by JP Network

    *At the end of the month I was elected President of JP Network


    *One last crazy party at Nick's place.

    *Came home to St. Paul after the school year

    *Umpired for Parkway

    *Asked to coach a 15u baseball team.  That was fun!  First time I've ever coached but it was a learning experience.  I just didn't remember kids at that age having so much ADD though. Tsk Tsk

    *Got to go to Omaha to see WWE wrestlers and watch the Judgment Day PPV live; I have album for this.  


    *This month is a complete blank; 95% sure a lot of bad parties.  I should not go outside of St. Paul so much in one time period.


    *I got two jobs.

    * I worked at Sears and SuperAmerica.  It was super cool while they lasted.


    *This is my scandal month.

    *Had to quit SuperAmerica because of time conflicts with Sears; still have not gotten my last check.  I better check on that.

    *Sears accused me of changing a customer's name to "You Suck"; I was in the interrogation office for an hour and then I got sent home with pay though J

    *Decided to quit and go back school in St. Cloud; here comes the good time and great newbie's.

    *Sears offered me a transfer to St. Cloud; pending.

    *Volunteered at the fair for Senator McCain's campaign at the Minnesota State Fair; met Tim Pawlenty that day.

    *Got into my new apartment which was awesome until little friends came to visit later.

    *Heard about an offer for a chance to go to the Republican National Convention and ended up interning for the party instead.


    *My Presidency of JP Network began.  I hope I am doing a good job; it's hard to get the proper criticism.

    *I didn't win the tickets but the night before I got a call about going to the 4th day of the convention.  Kick Apples.  Car Pooled to St. Paul grabbed Justin, my numbskull of a brother, to go to the convention.  I had to teach him of politics 101.  Haha.  People I met were Jon Voight (twice), Ken Kennedy, the Mac Girls and a Pickle Man!

    *Oh yeah, those little friends were mofo bed bugs.  Wikipedia what that is now and burn them if you ever see them.  The land lord wouldn't do crap until we got a health inspector involved.  They are diseased filled or anything but they do infest one's bed and force one to throw it away.  Don't worry not my bed.

    *So I brought my transfer information to Sears of Cloud and they said we'll get back to you; pending again.

    *Got to seat right behind John McCain at a Blaine Rally.  It was a great rally with about 10,000 attending.  Sarah is way more inspiring in person than on TV.  The rally focused on James Johnson and how his floundering help begin the domino effect.  I thought going after Ayers was a mistake; they should keep nailing this guy.  Not enough people know about James Johnson, he would've been a good representation of what really happened congress years back.  Any who, I took pictures with McCain, Coleman and Bachmann that day.  So, those were some decent achievements.

    *Why the hell did JM suspend his campaign?  People don't care about "Country First."  He should've just stopped campaigning and have Sarah dress up like him and go to Letterman and what not.
    *By the way Leno>Letterman


    *JP Network went on its traditional Twin Cities Trip.  Everyone got lost; lesson here – No matter how easy one thinks a drive may be have some back up directions prepared.   This was the first time I got to go to Kikiguwa in Minneapolis.  It's a great place that cost similar to Perkins but way better quality and quantity of food.  One of my Twin Cities friends should bring me there again.
    *Had an opportunity to attend A "McCain Town Hall Meeting." It was a classic especially when the crazy lady calls Barack an "Arab" launching a media campaign calling McCain supporters racist.  I am sure if you watch the footage you'll see me in the background.  Seriously, I am there. +
    *Halloween Party at the Jess's.  I bought a Storm Trooper Helmet and axe for it.  Thanks gals for a fun time.


    *Election – Sad night!  I wish the best of luck to Barack Obama and I hope he is successful for our sake.  There are some promises he made I hope is not able to accomplish but we'll see how he does completing his task of "saving" the economy.  I am not sure what to think of post election because it seems everyone is being friendly with Barrack.  What I am trying to figure out is if liberal supporters only cooperate if they get there way and conservative for the most part cooperate either for the unity of the country.  It makes the liberal leaders seem more bipartisan but it is that the supporters are more stubborn; it's a social theory I have.  It's not riding on too much but from I've seen it's true and at least it's another perception to choose from.

    Extra Snizz

    A word about the future of our country.  Keep positive people.  Don't blame anything on anybody other than yourself.  As Young Jeezy put it "I can sleep when I die."  If you can draw well too don't say you can't just keep drawing making it better each time you sketch your ideas.  Don't always have to go with the first draft.

    Watch "We Own the Night" because of how intense its driving shootout scene is.
    Sarah Palin knows what the hell Africa is.  I'd rather have a dumb person make progress rather than a smart person do-nothing.

    Bye!  Please give me suggestion on what to write about next time…

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