Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm a dragon! * October 9 2006

I'm a dragon!

Current mood: groggy

My brothers are going to have a field day with that one.  It's kind of cool just because I was born in '88 that chinese people think I'm a fricken dragon.  That's what that means, right? 

I think I'm being paranoid.  I feel sometimes people use and think as long as they say I'll get a chance to advance I'll keep being desperate.  If I try say screwing them too then I'll lose any chance.  Whatever emo-blabbing! 

Going to Chicago next weekend that'll be cool.  I wish I knew how to make my memory card less camera work out for me.

Starting to lose enthusiasm for school work.  Practically getting exausted with all the reading I have to do.  The papers aren't a problem but I get distracted too easily.

Be cool world! 

P.S. my bread somehow got wet and molded and it made me sad to throw away!

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whats what say WHAT? whats what say WHAT? (Ashley)
"track and field day was always the coolest day. EVER. the coolest day ever ever evrerersdfdvxxxxxxxx. OMG."

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