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more movie review and previews for St. Patrick's Day * Mar 17 2008


more movie review and preview for St. Patrick’s Day

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In recent movie listing other than the beginning there have not been any movies that would make one go to the theaters just for that movie but society has dwindled our hobbies to where a movie is the only thing that can be considered fun and different when not drinking or when too.  Why not?  Other than the fact it’d be a waste of money since you’ll more than likely fall asleep.  With that mention, a Jason Statham movie seemed like my best chance of having any fun.  Jason Statham seems to the British version of Bruce Willis.  Of course that may be extreme but Statham has been in his share of big budgeted highly advertised sometimes Oscar movies almost as much as Willis.  It seems though that Statham has certainly got to a place in his career where he would easily be grabbed.  His movies are not the best but there is a great chance you be entertained even if it is the dreaded "In the Name of the King"; bleh.  Now, that my spiel on how Jason Statham is my favorite Brit is out of the way on to the movie review.

I must give a semi-warning for this film: the British actors in Bank Job are full-blooded British but one adjusts to it after enough "Bobbi"s and "fish and chips" are thrown around.  This movie was nothing even close to the action only movie I was expecting with the uncreative title of Bank Job.  This was not a simple movie at all though.  There were plenty of inside jobs within inside jobs.  The movie gave a very similar format to American Gangster because of the story based on real-life events and it deals with corrupt bureaucrats and policemen (except the British version).  Like all heist movie it held many personalities to keep one entertained.  The personalities in the movie help to do just that entertain.  Like all films that are based on a true story the team’s personalities had entertaining stories which could only be interpreted by the script writer and no way of figuring the true facts.  This factor was not wasted in making this film.
This movie gave the similar storylines of planning the heist, doing the heist and the consequences of the heist.  What makes this heist flick more interesting than others is the complicated yet easy to follow reasoning going into the heist.  The most popular story that comes with heist is that it for plain greed but its okay because it their last one.  Of course that was in the movie but the gangsters and corrupt officials raised the intensity keeping the show very hard to stop watching. 
This is a very rugged movie with torture scenes, assassinations, and old men going wild.  The old men aren’t as long or as bad as it may seem.  This tangent is part of why the intensity is so high. 

This movie is not being advertised currently well enough especially in a short time of bad movies.  This movie will be remembered not as a Jason Statham movie (which isn’t always a bad thing) but as one of Britain’s best heist movies.  So be sure to give its dues instead of 10’000 BC or Don’t Back Down

One more thing I have got to talk about is the trailer for the "remade" Hulk movie.  I’m happy that the Eric Bana series is not being continued because of how the Hulk look like it should be from a video game. The newest one to me looks like it should be in a game too but it looks slightly better because it is darker.  The only thing that makes me happy about the new Hulk so far is the fact Tim Roth (Four Rooms, Reservoir Dogs) is brought back to American cinema as possibly the bad guy.  Hopefully this movie will make him popular again and have him in more Tarantino movies or others just as cool.   The biggest reasoning I hear about this being better than the original is that Norton is playing Bruce.  As cool as that is Eric Bana is not a bad actor either so it shouldn’t be such a great factor to make it a hella lot better than the last one.  The change I see in this one that may make it watchable is the fact that they have labeled a bad guy rather than the Hulk ambiguously fight the army over and over again until the army realize he’s a nice guy when he’s not green.

Thanks for reading and have a happy ST. PATRICKS DAY and go WILD!!!

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