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JT brought the Bears back! Yeah * Jan 14 2007

JT brought Bears back! Yeah

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It's been awhile since I've done one of these. For some reason I feel the obligation shoud be to write them  monthly. Hm well.  All I have to talk about is spring break, which has been slow for the most part but profitable non the less.

I was getting pretty scared going into December because I thought I couldn't go back back to my college becuase of the financial aid people being dofuses but it all worked out with them anyway.  I'm only taking 5 classes too. Score!  Also free early Friday again if anyone wants to party Thursday.

For the 16th I really wanted to be home but I had one more final later. Luckily I was able to work something out with my teacher, where I could take two finals in one night. Problem was that first final was where the professor gives a term and I have to write the definition.  I suck at writing short definitions I'm good at paragrapghs though.  I was not in such a great mood when I seen that  .  It all worked out when I found out my lowest grade was a B- and it all went up from there.

Christmas I got a lot of cool shirts, Brian Rolston Jersey and some new shoes.

 Later, I had my worst football week ever with 3 of my team not only losing but being incredibly emberassed in the process.  Gophers were winning at the half by 30 points only for the 2nd half to allow the other team all those points and couldn't even get a field goal. This ended up losing the school a lot scholarship money.  Viking's last game, they got eaten up by 20 points with no luck for the rookie QB trying out. Lastly, the Bears lost to the Packers at Soldiers field.

Can't remember too much after that.  I met Pat Tanaka at an Indiana pro wrestling show which was full of its moment ("Yetti Marks") and almost met D'lo Brown but problems arose.

Played some games with the crazy family.

This weekend is the best I can remeber so far; holy crap that's bad I should start eating carrots or something.  I saw Alpha Dog this weekend not knowing what to expect other than Justin Timberlake and Bruce Willis cause of the trailer.  Although the movie turned out to be very sad when time they started listing the witnesses.  Very gritty movie, which I liked but I hate cowardice, which is what this movie is full.  Archangel(Ben Foster) kicks @$$ too.  Don't listen to JT haters. He does a great job and I hope to see him in future movies and takes longer for his albums so they're not full of just 3 good songs.  Now I want to get the real story of Alpha Dog about it but probably not it was really tragic.

Today was very nerve-racking day becuase I almost thought the Bears wasted another season of hard work but Benson came through with those 30 [yards?] to setup the winning field goal.  Now they're playing the Saints, which shouldn't be a problem but never underestimate an opponent.  I'm predicting Colts vs Bears for Superbowl though.

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whats what say WHAT?whats what say WHAT? (Ashley)
"dude. i didnt understand any of that. you use alot of run on sentances.
- english teacher"

 Edit: Don't worry Ashley. I edited it so hopefully it's a tad easier to understand.

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