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Car Accident, Marvel Warning, & Jumper * Mar 6, 2008

Car Accident, Marvel Warning, & Jumper

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Warn, Crash, and then you got to Jump right out of there.

It's been a bit since I have written in this diary more than blog.  People have to read it to be a blog.  It may be a possibility that citizens of the world may read it.  What surprised me once is I even got into a debate about the Halloween movies with someone who wasn't even on my friend list; we didn't finish because it took so long for me to reply.  This week I'll speak about three subjects that would be soon forgotten if not addressed: The Marvel movies everyone will see but shouldn't, A lady getting hit during my walk home and the movie I seen instead of going to the Saving One concert because my friend didn't think he needed a ID for an 18+ concert.

First topic is the caution sign I must put up for all of those who will be more than willing to give their money for any Marvel movie.  A marvel film industry has the top bucks for special effects that can only entertain so much without decent or at least a good story.  It seems to me if fans of Marvel superheroes enjoy the way Iron-Man looks and that will do it for them than they should watch the trailer instead of lose their $10.  There are a few good reasons why one should avoid this year's Marvel movies; so far the only two announced are "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" but "The Punish: Warzone will more than likely come out during the summer.  

First reason is the fact that there has not been a good Marvel movie since 2004 being "Blade: Trinity", which story could have been better but held great directing, dialogue and acting that the first two held.  I will full-heartedly say that X-men 3, both F4, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3 and Elektra did not live up to anything more than simple entertainment for kids.  No strong story came out of those movies; the acting lacked and most came out of those movies disappointed.  This does not mean at all they did bad in the box office.  That is the reason I write this blog is that you don't fall for the concept or advertisement no matter how good it is until the Marvel film industries become consistent again in how well they make their films.

In the morning around 9:30 March 4th on the way back from my friend's place I crossed main cross roads of Mine… and Arc… after almost crossing the street something made me turn around and see this poor lady get hit.  It was surprisingly not as exciting as I thought an event like this would be until the so many of the police came to the location.  The lady hit was dressed as if she was poor.  She was hit on the right side of the yellow car and it went 15 more feet so it can park.  I turned around with just enough seconds to see the lady get hit but when coming to her the lights were green.  I had to put my hand out to tell a red truck to slow down but it wasn't needed but I had to safe about it though.  The lady who wasn't hit wasn't moving at first when I came to her to ask if she was okay but within a few seconds she started saying, "It ran a green. It ran a green." 

 The man in the in the red truck came out and told the lady not to move as she tried to get up.  Lucky, someone there at least thought he knew what he was doing because I would have tried to get her walking.  Jeez, I know I would want to walk around a bit hospitals are too damn expensive.  The lady driving came over to the lady hit right away not hiding the fact that she hit her.  It was sort of funny hearing the first time she admitted to hitting her.  "It was a yellow car that hit me", exclaimed the lady on the ground."

The lady driving the yellow car, "Yeah that was me."  Police were called and came immediately.  At first it was one police squad that was driving by but within half a minute later I saw several squad cars speeding up the hills coming to the event that I had just witnessed.  For a second I thought that my info would be useless so I should walk away but being in the center of all the cop cars would make it awkward to just walk away.  Two cops covered most of it as other ones made sure traffic stayed so the lady wouldn't be hit again.  One cops dealt with us three witnesses while the other dealt with the lady, who hit her.  The two other witnesses agreed that the hit lady ran out in the street without even looking.  To me it sounded as if this streets lady did this to gain some sort of insurance money which isn't ever worth it but that is just speculation.    The biggest factor I notice with my last few seconds of being a witness is that I didn't hear a brake screech to try to stop but it may have been very sudden like the other witnesses tried to explain.  After I was done giving my info I continued walking home.

Now, I am onto my third topic of giving the movie "Jumper" a review.  This was not expected for my birthday weekend at all.  What was supposed to happen was my friends and I going to the Saving One concert, which was 18+ but my friend Dev… thought he didn't need to have an ID.  He actually didn't have one at all for that matter nor did he have money.  Being a fan of mainstream rock I was proud that I was almost going to an indie band concert but it didn't happen after all.  We thought we could try sneaking him in while the first two of us pay first but he didn't even want to go for that.  The results were us getting a refund and the bald jerk who could've got $18 felt he was better off with.  I know there were rule but he could've been cool.  We got stuck figuring what to do and the only activity I could think of us doing is going to the "Jumper" movie coming out that weekend.

The trailer for "Jumper" showed to guys showing off all the neat things they can do to impress one another with their teleportation skills and Samuel Jackson being a meanie.  The trailer actually didn't do a horrible job of describing the movie.  A few factors missing were the personal relationship Hayden Christensen's character, David Rice) had to deal with during the movie.  The action and special effects flowed nicely together making it easy for the audience to worry about Rice's story and question the background.  Whenever I speak with others who have viewed the movie we'll share the same questions about the group chasing the Jumpers.  That question left behind makes it more than reasonable for this movie to have sequel because the movie gave an ending beginning and conflict but left question for the audience to create themselves and not shove it in their faces like the "Gold Compass" would have.  

Of course Samuel Jackson's badassness was another big reason why this movie was so likable because one doesn't see him play the bad guy often but when he does he does just as good as job as when he plays the good guy.  The line that was remembered days after seeing the movie was, "There are always consequences!"  It's just an overall basic line that is definitely right but easily forgotten.  I would recommend seeing this but not worth the effort at the theatre; more of DVD home movie.  

Thanks for reading this too long of a blog but I had a lot to get rid of and hopefully I'll keep it updated unlike usually.

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