Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend in Detroit and April's whatnots! II * May 7 2007

Weekend in Detroit and April's whatnots! II

So yeah I'm still not even out of Minnesota but at least I'm out of St. Cloud and now in Brooklyn Park.

There were many stops so I felt the safest one to go to is the one by the Transit parking lot.  So I get dropped off with my Final Four bag (I won from 93x with a long sleeve shirt, jacket/sweater, key chain and Coke Zero cup holder) and back pack.  I was nervous that the stop I was at might not be the stop for the bus I had a schedule for even thought there was a list of three numbers which one of were mine.  So I sat on the grass and read my Eddie Guerero (it was my third time reading but I'm almost done now because I started reading again than) until a bus showed which I though wasn't I waited a little bit freaking myself out.  So when it came I ran on with all my crap as soon as possible being very relieved.

Sorry can't finish again. 

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