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Who is going to watch the JiMen? * Mar 9, 2009


Who is going to watch the JiMen?

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Watchmen was an exciting film that took you on a steady yet exciting ride.  Now, I had to read the comic for my Film and Comics class so I knew the story ahead of time but I tried to forget so I can let the impact of film surprise me.  For example of how one could forget about particulars during the graphic novel and yet be reminded in the movie is Rorschach’s mask did shift but during the movie it was way more noticeable.   One tick that I always hold nervousness about is computer generation and special effects.  It’s not something that I think in my mind, “Those were not cool enough explosions.” It’s not a snobbish problem it’s a “don’t be so damn lazy problem” So many movies would rather film only ¼ the movie and the other ¾ make in the editing room.  If you have money make the coolest robots one possibly can.  Watchmen did not have a problem with this as it had the same filmmaker as in 300.  Everything looks like it could easily exist in real life. 
Now, onto what this movie was about.  This movie was during the 80s where the belief that WWIII or nuclear holocaust was easily possible between U.S. and Russia.  Even though there are
masked heroes running around showing off their shenanigan powers this movie is doing more than trying to show off a real life lesson it’s showing a historical lesson that many people take for granted how close to danger the countries well being was.  The setting is very important but don’t worry there are character backgrounds to go over too. 
This movie as most superhero movies hold its intriguing characters that are both warm hearted and dark hearted.  When one is introduced to the movie it had done so through an opening song by Bob Dylan.  I’m from Minnesota but I’m not a big Dylan fan; it just seems like when he speaks he’s gargling.  I don’t get it but I guess he’s a legend in folk music .  Any who, the intro shown us a lot of silly masked heroes that would be taken from 40’s style comics.  We seen them aging through different America eras even a few historical events were ‘caused’ by these masked heroes.  Nite Owl acts just like Chevy Chase and looks like him especially because of his big goofy glasses, Comedian was made out to be the biggest ass hole ever, Dr. Manhattan wants to be God and Rorschach is very similar to Rorschach to the Comedian except more
determined to find ‘Justice.’  Those are your main Watchmen. Oh, keep your eyes for random purple man with noose around his neck; don’t he’s a good guy too.
A quick note, this movie similar to 300 is freaking violent as all hell let loose and now only that there are penei all over the place and only 2 nipples. By the way the penei is most of the time blue if for some reason.  Dr. Manhattan is blue and is always naked plus there are a lot of strenuous sex scenes that were quite stretched.   
I hear many complaints about the movie so quickly that either it’s not keeping true to the comics graphic or it was boring or too violent.  A rated R action movie is supposed to be unexpected for violence & sex.  If you are really are scared of walking into a movie with sex and violence do a little bit of research via newspaper, calling the movie theater or using that mechanism internet.  I enjoyed the movie and felt they followed the graphic novel’s storyline well and pushing the movie three hours there is not much one can do to change this.  The flashbacks in this movie were good but it may have been a little difficult to tell when the flashbacks were happening since not everyone knows the format of the story.  Another particular that was
dropped was Comedian charm.  Even though the guy was a prick in the comics he had a sort cool guy suave about him where he was able to justify his aggressive attitude. 

All the other characters were able to explain themselves.  Other than that, this movie had everything so make your way to see if you can handle the content.
Friends shouldn’t be something you

revolve friends should be something one gather. A quick thing that bothers about life in general is that one can never consistently hangout with the same people. Why is that?  Do people get bored that easily with their friends?  There shouldn’t be problems with long time friendships but I guess that the reason they are so rare.  You can easily see this if one updates their top 8.  If you break the year up into three parts and list the people you hanged out with.  Hopefully most of them will still be on this list but I’m sure one of the ones on top will just disappear.  It is good to meet new people but one shouldn’t replace but make an effort to try to get them all together.  Isn’t that what parties are for?

Yes Man was genuinely

funny!  One more movie review but this should be shorter.  Jim Carrey was funny in this movie as usual.  Jim Carey is generally negative guy who turns his life after he attends a ‘Yes’ convention.  He takes it too far but that’s what makes the adventure of this movie.  The actress in
this movie is fun and believable.  One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Jim Carey is determined to take a lady at the bar to a dance.  It’s too bad going out can’t be as easy anymore in finding activities to do.  This was a very entertaining and funny movie with a good lesson that we all can learn from. 

People get too comfortable and don’t want to reach out for new
memories.  Everyone should at least work
on one big memory a week. 
*** ½   
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