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Anime Swarming Wrestlemania * May 21 2009

 Anime Swarming Wrestlemania
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Convention talk

I just wanted to start out this blog talking about my first weekend back in St. Paul since a few months.  The first for me to check was the anime convention.  I am not really into anime except for Naruto but a lot of my friends were attending so I thought it would be worth it.  It was in the old Ramada hotel.  It’s kind of hard and ridiculous to check out all the hotels in my hometown.  Say that, this was the first time I’ve been in this hotel.  The older hotel seemed smaller but I made it to the 22nd floor to get this amazing view but it’s too bad.  This anime gimmick was a Friday to Sunday.  Another journey of mine of to a late start is what will be explained here.  A few weeks before this whole convention gimmick I was unsure if I could even attend even though I paid for the pass.  The Friday of that week JP Network, a Japanese American club, I’m the president of had a grill fundraiser.  It turned out to be okay because I had a few friends who I have known since I’ve been to St. Cloud and they assured me I would have a ride.  Also, a French participant wanted to hook a ride along us too.  We hooked up after the grill and made our way towards St. Paul.  It took us awhile because we had to stop at Jill’s place in Clearwater.  It kind of stunk though because there was a possible end of the year Wild game I could’ve too but there’s always next season.   

There were not any major problems until we got there that is.  Apparently the club in charge of planning this gimmick ‘reserved’ 5 rooms but the hotel only allows reservations of 2 rooms a party.  This left 3 groups of five people without room.  If this were known ahead of time instead of one person reserving they could have 3 without a problem.  

The situation was our ride was one of the groups that didn’t have a ride.  During the ride down is when we tried figuring things out.  Plan A was to have everyone crash at my place eastside St. Paul.  I made sure to check with my dad but no problem.  This didn’t have to be the case because the group found a deal with a dealer named Steve.  Dealer Steve said if they worked enough they could stay in his room.  At first the pay made it so we would be done soon enough but then since it was to ‘payback money’ we got paid less per hour.  At this point I wasn’t doing the best; this is my first convention gimmick and I didn’t know what to expect.  Now, I’m going to work for most of it and it’s when I didn’t even expect to stay at the hotel but my own house.  Hell, I was doing this mostly to hang with my friends and figure what the hype was all about.

Turns out the club had money or something when they couldn’t spend it on the rooms the hotel didn’t allow them to use.  We didn’t have to work that and it was covered.  I did work an hour with an annoying lady with nothing to show for it but its cool next year I’ll get my $8.  After all this we finally got to hang for a little bit and found out the Wild won 4-1 that night.  Would’ve rather been at that game than deal with that fiasco.  Walked home after hanging for a bit, the walk from downtown turned out longer than I thought; an hour.

I got locked out of my house again, though.  Damn!  My family always locks out the outside door because it’s easier when I only have the key to the inside.  I got in sooner or later when my brothers decided to come.  Next morning I was reminded my family was too lazy to answer the phone when all morning it kept ringing and ringing.  Soon enough my own phone rang from my friend who wanted to pick me up.  We went to McDonalds and went shopping. 

Back at the hotel there really wasn’t too much to do.  I collected Naruto, the only anime I really watch, cards and so I thought I should give them a try.  Turns out I didn’t have what I needed even though I’ve been collecting for awhile.  It was fun but dragged out.  It was interesting to see even in the smallest sets of competition how strong pride and hierarchy comes into play especially when only at the most 20 people would know how to play.  I had to hurry it because I had to go with my friend Melisa to the Swarm game that night.  The funny thing I was given a coupon earlier for two free tickets to the Swarm game; I wanted to offer these to my family since I already had tickets from Melissa. 

Swarm Swabbling
When I went to the room I checked my brags I brought and the tickets weren’t there; they were I just suck a looking.  My friend Kayla offered the advice of just asking at the front desk.  I couldn’t imagine that they were just handing them out and if they were why at a nerd convention.  Sorry, but I don’t think at least 75% of them ever even been outside for more than 25 minutes without melting.  So, I go about this questionable task of just asking.  I came up to the hotel counter thinking the clerk would laugh at me or something with 18 minutes left before the game.  I asked if it was possible if I can get any free coupons for the game she replied, “How many do you need?”  I was surprised, not only did they have tickets but I could get as many as I needed.  I made sure walking to the Xcel I told my dad about the free tickets and on the way I met a few friends from St. Cloud.  With free tickets I wanted to see if they can come to the Swarm game but they had other plans with their romances.  My whole family was able to go because of this except my dad.  It was quick back and forth game.  We won but I had a hard time of keeping up.  

Later, I partied with the Moehring family and friends at the Mickey’s Diner, the one outside of downtown.  There were either problems with the TV or Aliens were invading that night.  Who knows?  More than likely it was part of snow storm conspiracy.  Nothing too big was happening on TV that company couldn’t keep more entertained; it was Kare 11 so there was news and some SNL.  The Moehrings and friends are great company but they keep kidding about forgetting each other in horrible locations and waiting forever for autographs by mean TWINS.  Autographs are great for the history and the books but never really worth much money in my experience but after I get autographs I don’t do a good job of the objects signed in good condition.  

Enough about my idea of how useless autographs are because the way I care for my possessions.  Afterwards, I was dropped off at the hotel where my friends mom made a comment of how there’s clowns hanging out because all of the people still wearing costumes.  I don’t get the costume thing myself.  Wanting to be like a real person is one thing but hoping to be a fictional character is something but I guess that was the place to do it if anything.  Too bad these guys wouldn’t dress crazy like that for Halloween.  

The craziness exhausted me until I heard about this magical ‘Gojira’/Godzilla drinking room, where they were serving alcohol as long as you tipped. DEAL!!!  I am not alcoholic it just relaxed me in this crazy environment.  Hell, I went outside to find my friends again as it was still sloshing and they were just chilling smoking a cigarette.  I smoked a quick cigarette as I do once and awhile.  I don’t condone it or inhale but I hope I waste my friend’s cigarettes fast enough to the point where they can’t afford another; this plan does not work.   I guess it even gave one of the youngions the encouragement to attempt to dive into my drink; she did it as if she was diving in a pool.  My my!  

Everything kept calm after this.  I wish I would’ve got back earlier to swim in time but oh well.  Pretty the rest of Saturday night/Sunday morning went on as me crashing with my friend Kristen and Kayla.  We went to the fake dance, which wasn’t that exciting.  A real club has strippers :P.  The most detailed part I remember before falling asleep was that our friends Joanna and Dan, who were dating the new positions of Auntie Joe and Uncle Dan because they wouldn’t stop jibber jabbering.  

The next day was move-out and nothing else.  This convention had panels.  A panel usually is a table of five or fewer scholars of whatever the panel topic is.  I tried stopping at several panels but none of them seem worthwhile or organize.  They were mostly unorganized discussion rather than anything educational about the Japanese art.  Meh.   Next year I want to propose the "It was a fucking Wizard" panel; whenever nerds asked for a explanation the panel just angrily says "It was a fucking wizard".  There was a nice demonstration of Bukadon, swordplay.  The cool thing about them is how discipline they were and they had to slice rolled up wet straw; it was very thick stuff.  Hopefully next year we can find a way to this St. Paul Japanese Martial Art group to come to Japan Night.  We’ll see.  The saddest part of that morning was saying ‘goodbye’ to my friend Tiffany because the weekend she was in St. Paul but in another hotel.  We did have a good photo together.  Big bummer.  Tiffany, I’ll find something for us to do that’s longer than 10 minutes.  To end my adventure at this anime gimmick my friend Mardis, whose Dad looks just like him, help me get to my house so I can plan out Wrestlemania deal. 

Wresltlemania 25 review
It was nice to actually be home during the day to see my family.  I think the last time I seen them was February 20th and this was April 3rd.  Of course, nothing too exciting happened but it’s great to see my family no matter how annoying they may be.  Last step of this weekend was going to see Melissa again for Wrestlemania.

Money in the Bank
If anyone knows me they know I’m always late.  I asked my dad to give me a ride an hour early thinking the PPV started at 7 not worry if it was a little less than an hour or not I wouldn’t have cared.  We were leaving around 6:05pm when Melissa called me up to ask me if I was still coming.  “What do you mean am I still coming?”  Ha, the PPV started at 6pm since it’s Wrestlemania it was 4 hours instead of three making it begin an hour earlier.  So, I got there around 6:30 making me miss the most of the Money in the bank match.  They never impressed any ways.  The match usually is pretty slow placed so the wrestlers can set up some pretty high spots.  A match like this is supposed to be an opportunity grabber making the situation fast and desperate.  Shelton Benjamin came out impressive as always.  One thing I wish could’ve been changed too is having The Brian Kendrick in it instead of Finlay.  Everyone knows Finlay isn’t going to win and Brian was getting a push which has almost halted.  Plus, Kendrick is cool because the guy is a high flyer but since becoming a heel also a strong technical wrestler too.  Kinds of stunk seeing CM Punk win it again.  I was hoping for Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin or MVP wins it but maybe next year.

Jericho v. oldis
The next match was Chris Jericho versus the oldies(Rowdy Piper, Jimmy Snuka and Ricky “the steamboat” Dragon).  I was not too excited about this match because

 A. watching Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Snuka make a million comebacks is annoying
b. Their wrestling hurts my eyes
C. Ric Flairs woos are not that special!
d. A celebrity, Mickey Rourke, was involved and I hate it when WWE puts the prowess of celebrity popularity in front of their own business.

The match was pretty lagging for ½ of it.  The build-up for it was Chris Jericho abusing retired wrestlers.  Piper or Snuka would come back always talking about the good ol’ days.  That stuff was so bad I was happy Jericho came and kicked them around.  Ricky Steamboat though made a big difference and was still in great shape. I wish the match was only between those two.  To tell you the truth I didn’t even know what type of match it was suppose to be just “Jericho v. Legends” When the party finally figured it out after we thought it was over when he pinned Piper and the match was still going that it was a elimination handicap match.  After the flunks Piper and Snuka were eliminated Steamboat got to show off his still impressive moves.  He was wrestling like he did back in his day and he even dressed as if he was there but his age did take a toll on his looks.  After Ricky made a few close pin falls Jericho got him with the ‘Code breaker’.  Everyone walked away licking their wounds as Jericho wanted to brag and attack Rourke.  Leading to the oh so corny Mickey taking off his shirt and punching Jericho out.  Why did he punch him out?  Didn’t he remember any moves from filming?  I’m dissing the skit itself not Rourke or his movie, “The Wrestler”.

Kid Rock & 'Miss Wrestlemania'          
          The next part was the awkwardly long Kid Rock ho down.  Don’t get me wrong, this guy from Detroit is freaking amazing.  Melisa and I did wonder why he didn’t sing at the Wrestlemania we went because it was in Detroit and all but whatever.  This kind of seemed like a time filler with him singing up to 6 songs; some classic, some newer ones.  They may have been able to use this time better by having a Tag Team championship match instead of making Morrison be in a dark match.  First time I saw him live on TV.  Although, I am thinking about going to see him at the State Fair if it doesn’t sell out before I decide.  He sang as the ladies came down for the Miss Wrestlemania battle royal.  It kind of ruined the prestige of the battle royal though.  The advertising was 25 women from any time in WWE history.  “Cool, they are going to bring back some good Diva wrestling”.  They were there but you sure didn’t know who.  The women all came down during a Kid Rock song making them look like his background dancers.  One cannot tell who is who during such a big battle royal.  Being a fan of these women’s wrestling you would miss out if your girl was even there.  Santino/a Marrella won, which was pretty stupid and made the women’s division look even worse but its kind building up to some funny stuff now.
   Intercontinental Championship      
            The next one was a quickie between JBL and Rey Mysterio.  Not much good notes about this one.  Mysterio had a cool new joker mask with the hair that he debuting.  JBL lost his intercontinental match in the quickest fashion.  I know everyone hates him but that’s his gimmick, people.  He quit afterward, which disappointed me for his last match in WWE and a Wrestlemania match.

          Brothers to be single child match (Hardys)
     Matt and Jeff Hardy had a brother rivalry building up since Matt smashed Jeff in the face making him lose his championship.  I liked this scenario but it stinks Matt had to lose his ECW Championship for it.  They should’ve let him keep it and make Jeff join ECW to hunt Matt down creating the perfect scenario for a ‘extreme rules’ match.  I get they’re team extreme and all but it kind of came out of nowhere.  The match was very good.  I give it B+ because it had a lot of high-flying hardcore action with Matt’s technical skill.  They coddle Jeff so much it surprised me they gave the more loyal Hardy a win he definitely deserves.  Matt is so talented because he play any side of the aisle so well.  He took the passion heel gimmick and ran so far with people really get into hating him.  

      Shawn Michaels v. Undertaker
          There’s nothing much to say about Michael and Undertaker but of course “FUCKING SUPER DUPER AMAZING”.  It’s hard to make much comment on it.  There was a sick spot to it.  Undertaker did his dive towards Michaels outside the ring but Shawn duck making ‘Taker land on top of the cameraman almost breaking his head; I heard rumors the camera man was Sims Snuka.  The buildup was simple but worked very tell.  Michaels played the clever kid that was always teasing the big dumb ogre, at Wrestlemania though that Ogre had its day with a Tombstone piledriver.
World Championships 
     The last two World Championship matches were what I expected them and they weren’t that great.  HHH is awesome but when he wrestles in long matches he makes drag because of his slowness while Randy’s aggression and energy kept me in it.  Edge did the same thing in the trip threat.  It had sloppy ending with Cena giving Edge an FU on Big Show; I admit it’s a little cool but I probably couldn’t tell because I was pissed of it was happening.  Before Wrestlemania the match was claimed to be ‘Edge v. Big Show’, which would’ve been great for a main event.  The two kept on having the funniest bits fighting over Vickie Guerrero; she is doing such a great job as GM.  

                That was my weekend of April 2nd to the 4th.  Didn’t mean to make it so long but I guess I can be really descriptive when I want to be.   I will have another blog for May no matter what for skipping on April.  I will promise to have a blog monthly because I fell really behind last year.  Below are topics I want to go over so if there is anyone in particular that you want me to go over let me know and I’ll get it done quicker since I’ll actually have motivation.

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