Friday, February 22, 2013

Are ya faukin cereal? (Minnesota way of saying it) * March 21 2007

Are ya faukin cereal? (Minnesota way of saying it)

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I have no idea what to do with these little inconveniences that have been happening.  Well,  I do but it's inconvenient.  I think there's more too but I can only think of two and granted they are not that bad but I need music to keep rolling.  Back in January my I-pod stopped connecting to my computer and that didn't bother me too much because before last summer I was use to not always listening to music but I had to have it if I needed to think and I have to think when I'm at home because of writing papers, creating scripts or making decisions.  This doesn't exactly mean I can't do it away from home but I'm not the fastest thinker and I forget half the crap people tell me, which is probably a good thing part of the time but what happen was my laptop when it plays any sound is distorted like it's a CD scratching and that's like nails scratching a chalkboard to me when I'm getting into a song.  The thing to is the computer has also been moving slower so that is probably a connection to the distorted.  I know the best way to deal with this is bringing it to Best Buy but they'll take forever when I need it at school. 

    Later on I have a friend who was watching TV with my roommate tell me my TV is broken; you can hear the sound but you can never see the vision at all.  That's a Best Buy solution too but how da hell am I suppose to get it to Best Buy without a car and yes I did think of a bus but I'm not sure if they allow won to bring a TV on the bus.  There is a temporary solution: my neighbor said we can borrow his TV since he's not using it.  I'm not sure it is sort of frustrating.

    I remembered the 3rd but it will be vague.  People that I thought I have earned respect from are now treating me as if I don't deserve a place or at least get first dibs.

    Oh yeah(Bone Saw/Randy Savage style), I lost my wrestling game too somewhere.  Grr.

    This blog probably sound semi-emo and snobby but these things is money lost .  I'm not really sad or anything too because I went to a park trying to meat some people but couldn't find them either but was joyed anyways because the scenery was kickass Minnesota style .  Well, at least I'm going to the mall with friend to see shiny theens I don't usually see.

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