Friday, February 22, 2013

Grad Party this Sunday * June 20 2006

Grad Party this Sunday

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This sunday on Jessamine and Forest I'm having my graduation party from 2-7 if you're reading this your already invited otherwise you wouldn't be on my friend list. Sorry for not personally inviting everyone but it's hard for me to do so especially with almost 15 hour workdays and other nonsense.  Any questions just message me.

She asked for about 3fitty

DANKE UND DEM; Goddamn you Lochness monster.

1. Jim Jim Mueller
"Yea..... I'll Show.....
Haha, no I will not!  You don't friggin want me there anyway, what with me hating you N' all......
Oh! and I give you NO kudos."

2. Phos-Ox Phos-Ox / Joey Peel
"i guess i can show, but im not gettin u anything! haha"

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