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AMV's are amazing!!! * May 24 2006

AMV's are amazing!!!

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Okay, I'm officially getting addicted to this anime show called Naruto.  It started out as me watching some featured AMV's on  AMV's are Anime Music Video.  Some people do a really good job at making them.  As I may watch them I started thing Gaara of the desert what a cool dark character.  So now I've been trying to watch the whole series with subtitles on the internet I've gotten up to 14 episode. WOOO!

I saw the movie The Da Vinci Code.  It's worth seeing but you'll figure it out halfway through the movie and there's some plot holes.  I understand too where people may be coming from by saying "why would catholic/christians complain; they were nice enough to put it in the fiction section."  Well some day I'll make a fiction about how hippies were really behind a Comunist takeover and Nixon & Johnson really did save us.

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