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My Election Endorsement (St.Cloud,MN) and new myspace preview :( * Nov 1, 2010


My Election Endorsement (St.Cloud, MN) and new myspace preview :(

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I wanted to send this out in hopes that people will learn a new trait about the candidates up for grabs in the St. Cloud area Minnesota election. If you ask anyone who is voting to speak about a candidate they will act very informed giving a list of information that are variations of the same facts from a single commercial. When I talk to people people if it's negative or positive it will be the same thing from all of those people. If you know me you will where I will stand in scale.

MN Gubernatorial election
Why does gubernatorial mean governor?

Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer Pictures, Images and Photos

Reason:Tom Emmer is raised as a Minnesotan going to school at St. Thomas High School and not being afraid of to take the city bus to his legislative sessions. Unlike most conservatives he doesn't want to go and cut everything. His plan is to prioritize everything in a public order and in a dream world it would all be covered but is open to keeping what is essential. If you were to watch footage from any of the recent sessions you can see that Tom is one of the most active members of the MN legislation by always asking questions seeing if the finances fit the future and final budget. The problem is Mark Dayton is far from active. He was a do nothing Senator that knew he put himself in trouble and thought a break would have people forget which it sadly looks like it is. He hasn't been active in Minnesota in recent years except for politically fund-raising.

US Representative

Michelle Bachmann

The infamous congresswoman Michelle Bachman and I.  I enjoy her because she is consistent and  very positive.

She has always been smart financially. In 2008 standing out from John McCain when he wouldn't back his own words by sign onto wasteful spending with these bailouts and stimulus packages that have been wasted. Companies claim they need to avoid bankruptcy but still claim it after taking so much money. In recent years during the G-20 being led by smaller countries as Zimbabwe and Venezuela declare that we can't let our economic decision be restrained from countries who don't have as much at stake. Clark attempts battle for the title of financially sound but she comes up short herself or would that be too much. Clark has used her seniority to an advantage when it definitely is not needed. Until 2008 she had one the highest per diems in Minnesota's legislation but to give her credit she hacked it down by 10% to correct herself. Although you can see other examples in her voting record when she voted against cutting any of legislation's pay.

Minnesota Attorney General

Lori Swanson

She comes from strong Minnesota backgrounds attending Willie Mitchell for Law School and is very active against fraud. Pushing for women in Minnesota she is the first women US attorney. I've had a few problems myself that the current AG office was very helpful and efficient to solve the problem. Chris Barden seems okay but seems to be more active in the field of psychology than in law not showing me any sign of a positive difference in the state attorney's office.

Secretary of State

Dan Severson

The Franken Coleman election was a complete wreck because of this bumbling idiot. There was no procedure for a situation like this. Following the final decision we hear no news from the secretaries office about if the problem was to happen in the future. Even though the secretary of state department does not make the rules by themselves they can come up with ideas and organize what they have. Severson has come up with several ways to end confusion and fraud at the polls. Currently there is no need for picture id just a claim of a local address. The problem is that those with veil can travel among the states voting many times. Ids should have full facial picture otherwise they are pointless. I do like the way Alabama did it. Have people vote between the top two candidates. Rank voting was brought up but it is way to computerized making it easy for when Mark Ritches are elected to make a humongous mess and 3rd parties would get destroyed.

State Representative district 15b

King Banaian

He is a professor at SCSU who has first hand experience with the citizens who have been voting in the area. King plans how to make the state on a balance budget unlike Lewis who is trying to go for the easy Democratic spot. I have not as much knowledge about Lewis but I heard her speak and boy do I hate dreamy speakers. She kept repeating how she is here for the students but wouldn't say why or how she is going to help us. Are you going to try to lower tuition because that's impossible? The best we can do is take away from programs that aren't effectively being used by the targeted students and pat themselves on the back; UPB and RHA in particular.

Why do you personally want your candidate to win that isn't a commercial or party reason?

New MySpace preview

One thing that people who haven't left don't like is change. I've said this many a times but as you can see by the overall reaction it is very true. I was resistant to coming to MySpace but having a ridiculous imagination I enjoy the customization features. For awhile my-spacers can control what they look at when they log in and what their friends see when they stop by their profiles. MySpace even came up with a nice feature where if you don't enjoy seeing your friends creativity you can change it to lite view.

Two other features I believe MySpace has the advantage in that assist the customization feature is their access to music and options to blogs. Originally it appeared that the site was a blog site that changed into a social network. Now instead of being it's own entity and going back to basics of being a blogging network MySpace wants to be an migration of face-book(social network) and twitter (celebrity stalkers). The MySpace’s CEO interview he sound so stupid and pathetic claiming MySpace will have no competition because it's its own kind of site. What kind of standards are these?

Seriously the reason people use face-book as their default site is because it's easy to find their friends and it's easy to stalk their friends. People are generally evil and want to find gossip while we want flaunt that we shouldn't. You don't believe me check how many people want a thumbs down feature. The ultimate gossip test. How sick is that? Definitely, MySpace’s weakest area is the friend search tool. Hell, I couldn't even find myself. It is a nice thing that creating our own URL is an option because that was the only way I could get people to find me. The other area that MySpace does pathetic in is 'groups'. They are so boring and the creativity powers we get with our own profiles we lose and it forces many entities that should be group into profiles. MySpace should've sent out surveys first to seek their strengths and weaknesses but from what I've seen the current MySpace staff don't like any negative feedback. Any complaints on the forums are locked or deleted. I've never dealt with such obvious ignorance before.

The definition of customization to me is the chance to freely express what I like while not forcing it one anyone. Sometimes if people put the appropriate consideration into their profile I could almost spend a half hour to an hour on it like a web site. My biggest problem with MySpace’s staff in this upgrade is their hapless reasoning. When the homepage was changed to our homepage to just blah white the reasons were MySpace was made for our friends to look at not us and the pages took too long to load. I haven't had this problem but it seems that now I do and the themes were the first things to load.

MySpace had a short comedy about upgrading with the airline steward. The designer was showing the guy how to better his space. What? Why was someone else showing another how to describe themselves better what a snobby ass thing to do? I thought the video was funny but I don't think it sent the positive message MySpace was trying to get to us. 3.0 is taking away our customization opportunity we all had before by shape everyone's space exactly the same but we can have different colors taking away the strength that HTML has.

This one fell swoop of our chance to customize is going to be a hard hit. Another alternative MySpace gave us before was the option to upgrade or not. Face-book just re-frames the whole site without caring if it's what will make it enjoyable or adjustable. There is a difference whether they care or not.

In conclusion, I am sure these changes will be adjustable and the one positive thing is I will be able to change my background again since MySpace’s profile editor stopped working since I used that one freaking time. By the way their previews suck. I hate cryptic messages or teases to something that is not ready. I have been disappointed by too many people in real life to deal with faceless claims on the internet.

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