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July's Thorn & Rose * Aug, 1 2010

July's Thorn & Rose

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Alright so I didn't get to the blogs I wanted to for July but I get something down before I get to sleep before going to sleep.  So this blog is based of a quick segment The View did when they had Obama on called Rose & Thorn where the good and bad is explained.  I'll give 3 of each.  Also, I don't watch View or am a fan of Obama but it's just what was on Hulu and I'm hella obsessed with Hulu at the moment.


Thorn Pictures, Images and Photos

1. Have no place to live at the end of the month.  Several people keep changing their minds about me moving in briefly before I move in so I'm stuck at an apartment.  It's okay hopefully I have a place monday.

2.  Having a hard time fufilling internet responsibilities: myspace blog, Smackdown reviews, What I did today project.

3. CD-rom broken so I can't play Starcraft.


1. Got a job at Qdoba's thank to some tips from Charlie and an extra push.  Already worked a few days.  People there are cool and appreciating the kick apple pay.

2. Got to double dip with Tara and have one last hoorah in my apartment!  Did you post those pictures Tara?

3. July 4th was a blast with swimming, firework and drinking with my friends and family!

I have way more roses than thorns since I'm positive but it's easier for me to keep organized

Future hopeful blog topics:

-Movie Reviews; Inception, Toy Story 3 or Predators

-Micheal Scott leaving pt II; who will replace him (it's not a popular choice)

-How can we support Mel Gibson!

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