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2010's best 13 movies * Jan 2, 2011

2010's best 13 movies

2010 best movies of the year

Basically, the list will start from 13 to go onto numero uno. I believe when it comes time for awards a lot of earlier movies are forgotten. So that there is less of a chance of a movie being left out I choose the best from each month and start ranking from there. It actually makes it a lot easier on me too since I must have seen about 30 movies from 2010 and there are still a few more I want to get to. Check it out and hopefully one of your favorites made it.

13. Due Date [November]
2nd: Faster
- The only reason 'Due Date made bottom of the list is because it is the only movie of my 13 I haven't seen yet. Goofy, right? It made the list because of the popularity and Zack Galifinakis great talent at making awkwardness an art. Also for the runner up, finally the Rock has come back to the action genre. Not sure what it is about but can't go too wrong when it also stars Vin Diesel.

Percy Jackson by ~Dhesia on deviantART

12. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief [February]
2nd: Shutter Island
- I enjoy family films. Actually as you go down the list you will see that I rate them highly in the year of 2010 but this one made it so obvious that certain content was being held back because of the target audience. Percy Jackson made the list because of the fun and simple journey almost anybody wished they could be brought on. Shutter Island has the appropriate elements for an A film but it was one of those flicks that had a twist that makes you know not want to watch it again unlike the Greek alternative.
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11. Edge of Darkness [January]
2nd: Day Breakers
- Mel Gibson has had a bad year but I will not stop supporting him. One way to support Mel's Jew hating women abusing ways is to mark his movie as the 11th best movie f 2010. All kidding aside, Gibson's acting was very considered with his Boston accent and strong dedication towards finding his daughter's killer. My biggest problem with it is the backstory was too far gone for Mel Gibson's character. Suppose it was part the blend of his character but it also took away from the wartchability of the film.
Robert De Niro-Little Fockers by ~MrTARDIS on deviantART
Little Fockers

2nd: The Fighter
- Watched this one on Christmas. Emphatically people can rewatch this but while sitting threw it the over the top misunderstanding appeared to be very similar to a comedy sitcom like friends. Robert DeNiro did an amazing job sticking to his hardcore concerned character. I did catch myself laughing a bunch but it's hard to figure if any of that is Ben Stiller's fault. Is Galifinakis onto something when he tried to see if Stiller had a future in following his parents? The use of Barbara Streisand and Hoffman was well used again. The commercials insinuated a more corny use of the Focker parents but I did feel the same way after watching it. Runner-up for December was touchy since I haven't seen any others and I have really wanted to see either Fighter or True Grit or Warrior's Way or The Tourist. My brother Justin helped me out with this. He seen Tourist and Fighter and loved them both. I chose the Fighter because I think Johnny Depp is slightly overrated.

9. Machete [September]
2nd: Resident Evil 4 – Afterlife
- The thing about Robert Rodrigez's films is that the story may not be the best but he'll give the general audience what they want. Even going into most audience should know what type of movie to expect. Unlike the earlier films on the list this is the point where every aspect quality wise has been taken care of; storywriting, directing and yes even acting with actors such as Lindsay Lohan, Steven Segal and bad @$$ Danny Trejo. Rober DeNiro was in this too. The reason this qualitative film is on the lower part of the list is because of the political issue sarcastically discussed in the film. This type of sardonically debate technique that is commonly used on Jon Stewart works well because people see it as good entertainment and than think it's clever that entertainment can also include news. Resident Evil could've took Se[tember because I love Milo Jovovich as an action star but the overall story of this series will never end so I can't in good conscious put it in the top of 2010.

Kick Ass!!!

8. Kick-@$$ [April]
2nd:Date Night
- This is the only superhero film that made the list and had great acting by Nicholas Cage and whoever play Hit-Girl and Kick-@$$ (@$$ Kick). My mistake was reading the comic before watching the movie. The comic was pretty tragic and somewhat realistic in the comic unlike the film which got really corny in the end. So the right people were there but the wrong decisions were made. Although Nicholas Cage did make a better Big Daddy than the jerk in the comic. Poor Steve Carrel was in so many films in 2010 and only gets runner-up in April. Date Night was but no consistent laughter or a good enough story to care during the movie.

Prince Of Persia by ~TheBlackDoll on deviantART
7. Prince of Persia [May]
2nd: Iron Man 2
- This is the first time I've seen Jake Gyllenhal as an action star and he did a good job too. Who'd a think the dweeb from October Sky would get built and tan enough to get away as a Middle Eastern Prince. I guess with enough facial hair anyone can get away with appearing to be Mexican or Middle Eastern. Hey, I get mistaken for a Mexican sometimes when I get too lazy to shave. PoP reminded me of the Scorpion King but not as corny. No wrong decisions were made for this but nothing stood out either and that's how it place 7th. Iron Man 2 was fun to watch especially with Mickey Rourke's portrayal of the Russian villain was cool but I swear there was whole 20 minute chunk that could've been taken out.

Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg...The Social Network Prem
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6. Social Network [October]
2nd: Red
- Here at #6 is the first drama on my top 13. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this. Which is odd especially since I despise facebook. As crappy as the movie tries making SuckerBuger look Jesse Eisenberg gives a very relatable character that tries his best to alienate himself. Also, I am sucker for the whole loyalty tangent that Justin Timberlake had to mess with. Location of this film took place in a conference room for the deposition. Production crew did a fantastic job of finding various images to place in the film when really it could've been done as a play. This is the point in the list also where we hit the A films.

(In the later half of this movie, I attend this movie)
5. Expendables [August]
2nd: The Other Guys
- Every big action star was labeled as being in here. In a way yes if you count thirty seconds. Although Arnold was barely in this movie for a few moments this movie had the Schwarzenegger essence times a couple. Stallone and Stathom led rag tag crew though some wicked explosions and presented us the kind of arsenal we all need to know about in case of WW IV. Viewers can't look down at such cast especially when the supporting crew is martial arts experts Jet Li and robot specialist Terry Crews, who I hope has a better future in Hollywood. Still don't know who Lundgrum is though. Other Guys was a laugh factory but Expendables is for anybody to watch as the other one might need a particular crowd.

Toy Story 3 - Spanish Buzz
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4. Toy Story 3 [June]
2nd:Get Him to the Greek
-Really didn't expect a 10 year sequal to turn out so well. I keep getting surprised by movies I think are going to be bad but I enjoy being surprised. Unlike Percy Jackson T3 certainly didn't have family rating restrictions. These toys found a way to reach every kind of reaction you could reach from an audience with Spanish Buzz Light Year doing the cha cha or being scared by the bug eyed drumming chimpanzee and big baby or tragedy of the near death scene at the trash compactor. The sequel is a new Disney treasure that didn't stick to the usual go happy flow as most Disney films do. Saying this I feel goofy giving that as the same reason is that it was not rated higher but #4 is nothing at all. Get Him to the Greek was another laugh factory but it has no chance against T3 though and it had a messed threesome ending that totally ruined it for me.

3. Predators [August]
- Going on a limb with this one since it is not as highly rated among the critic community as some of my other upper ranked films. Darn it this is my list and I really digged this sequel. It had lowered status actors that are surely Oscar worthy in Adrian Brody and Lawrence Fishburne. The story was a typical man versus monster battle but not really. Usually the supporting cast are there just as bodies but that's what made this thriller so unique each supporting character got their own background with their very own battles with the monster that lasted more than 30 seconds and with as much cast that was included in Predators that is very impressive and enjoyable for the audience.

HTTYD - Fishing Lessons by =ArmadaRyu on deviantART
2. How to train your dragon [March]
2nd: Alice in Wonderland
-My goodness what a fun movie. The background behind could be made into Encyclopedia with all the information they had on dragons. Um, now that I think about it there was a book. This movie gave audience a chance to use their imagination to think of a chance to go on their own adventure. Only piece of this movie I really didn't was the voice overs. Although I liked that they got people actually from Scotland to do the voiceovers they didn't seem so natural oddly enough. The adventure was grand and it had a moral message that didn't compromise the naturalness of the movie like others with their stupid peace on and what not.

inception Pictures, Images and Photos
1. Inception
2nd: Dinner for Schmuck
-Big surprise, right? Whatever. I didn't feel comfortable going into a movie that either was a whole dream as a plot twist or one that made everything abstract so that only hippies could understand what is going on. Christopher Nolan knows how to present a compelling story while making sure the audience get every little bit of information it needs. We've seen this in Dark Knight where it could've dropped at several points but there was a message to get through to the characters. The acting in the movie was nothing short of super duper amazing from Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Wattanabe, and Gordon Joseph-Levitt. One must not forget the tragic sub-plot told by Cillian Murphy. That's one of the cool things of the movie is that they were multi layer stories but they would not blend with each other or if one need they could be dropped while still enjoying the imagination of this Matrix like world. Although there was a clear ending unlike Matrix it started people popping with so much intensity unlike any other ending. The astonishing disappointment from those who read the book is that the movie wasn't even more complicated. That's why this film is the best of 2010 it opens a world up of any kind of adventure while at the same time keeping structure simple enough to allow viewer to need to care about any tangent they choose to lust over.

This is my list. Any movies you think don't belong? What are your top three? What actors put in the effort to entertain us whether they are getting the awards or not?
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1.  Jacob Cusick Jacob Cusick
"and ive never seen machettee and social network but eller wise u forgot narnia #3"
2.  Jacob Cusick Jacob Cusick
"i like them all i dont know  Inception and expendables but eller wise good taste i guess"
3. Jessica Cusick Jessica Cusick
"social network,prince of persia and little persia"
reply        James Michael Cusick Jr, James Michael Cusick Jr,
              "Little Persia?"
4. Amanda Warren Amanda Warren
"Harry potter probably would have made your list. Well, i would like to see most of the movies on your list. they sound pretty good. That little fockers one looks questionable. I should go to the theatre more often"
reply      James Michael Cusick Jr, James Michael Cusick Jr,
            " I really thought I should've seen Harry Potter at least for consideration but when I           thought about it I knew would be more entertained by Faster or Due Date than Harry Boring!

Why did you have to pick on Vickie? It's bad enough Cena and Lawler have to do it but you have to be their friends and hurt the nice lady too."
 reply      Jessica Cusick Jessica Cusick
              "harry potter is not boring he's a good actor.and yes u should of saw harry potter for the consideration ha :)"
reply       James Michael Cusick Jr, James Michael Cusick Jr,
              "Yeah, Little Fockers felt more like a corny TV show than a movie to me. "Aim for the bushes" was too funny. You fell asleep during INception? Uh-oh; they got you.

I didn't even consider Sex and the City nor think about Twilight."

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