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How will office survive without 'The World's Greatest Manager' Michael Scott * June 30, 2010

How will office survive without 'The World's Greatest Manager' Michael Scott

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The Office: After Micheal Scott Leaves

News ( has broken of Steve Carrell not coming back after season 7.  This has been a long debate I have had with a friend about if The Office will end after Steve Carrell’s departure.  I feel show is so unique because of the many small characters corky traits.  Of course Steve Carrell is the show’s lead but the show isn’t called the ‘Michael Scott is the World’s Greatest Manager’ show.  Loyal audience have become accustomed to the smaller characters so much that if Steve Carrell were to leave the combination of the nutty be able to support their intrigue especially with last season having the 2nd highest ranked season.  Now this leaves two big questions:

1. How will Michael Scott depart from his favorite job in the world?

To me the happy ending to make Michael whole journey in the show worthwhile is for him of course to back with Holly.  If that means Toby leaving then so be it.  The character has been checked since half way through the 6th episode anyways.  He can always come back after Michael leaves since there is no way Amy Ryan, the actor who portrays Holly Flax, can participate in many episodes since she barely existed in season 5 longer than six episodes.  Holly will not be transferred in the Scranton branch until a few episodes for time for buildup.   A few questions linger of what the two will have two overcome to hook backup.  Holly could still be engaged.  We still don’t know what was on that documents that Pam and Michael read on the management training tour.  The writing crew might think this is too hard to keep in touch but how else can one stretch the suspension of the relationship’s climax, which is them running away and getting married or something.  Another way to build suspense is Michael gets the news early of Michael leaving and the two deciding of what to do once he has to go.  Marriage is an option for the two but what does that leave for the Erin-Andy thing going.  Their relationship can be dragged on by getting married in season 8 and engaged during Michael’s and Holly’s wedding.  Now onto why Michael is leaving, that enough of setting up of this relationship stuff.  I don’t think Michael Scott is prepared to retired therefore he will get either Todd Packard’s traveling salesman position or have whatever Jan, Ryan or Charles had making cameos.  How do you think the great Michael Scott will make his departure from the Scranton Branch? 

2. Who can replace Michael Scott as manager?  

This is a tough one because even though the manager is not main reason to watch the show but they do become the face of the show and have a way to relate to the characters as a result that they can be a boss to some extent.  I am sure since Steve Carrell is such a big name the Office crew is going to want to send in a new big name to fill the empty space.  This is understandable but to make the new actor manager would be a horrible idea that would drop the ratings.  We seen this with News Radio when Phil Collins was replace by Jon Lovitz directly and American Idol has taken a hit by replacing the only judge who had any taste of being an actual idol with a comedian that has to make sure she is in the spotlight.  If a show tries substituting a substance that fans are use to before they become accustomed than they will seriously get scared away.  Seriously.  I myself would stop watching if a watered down version of Michael Scott tries to abuse the same jokes already told.  

"who would you think would be a good replacement? my gut tells me tony shalhoub."
2.Larry Bond Larry Bond
"i think michael scott is like the glue of the office and carrell is the paragon of the character. mscott's personality is riddled with bittersweet chaos and prob the easiest to work outof character line up- my guess he'll mess up 'n get scranton office in trouble or something. mscott leaving is hard change for many but as a doctor who fan, like me, you get used to these things. the big question who will take the spot- new or old character?"

*Pretty sure I replied to the comments but for some reason myspace lost them. 

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